We have a musician aboard!xx

Drew has come aboard to create some great custom music for Mission Europa 2 =)… It will be awesome to have his great work in the world creating unique and awesome backdrops to the game!

Here you can sample some of his work..


And here is some of his first work on ME2 tracks

Yesterday I nailed down how animations will have to work. My systems are so different with my item system it has taken quite a while to get around Unities bugs. One such bug is the import process sometimes does not detect a change in an animation and then I have to go back and kill the animation reload it then reattach it to animation controllers. Pain staking….

And even though I have the exact same skeleton in two different files it blows up if I separate them and load them individually. I want it separate as loading a whole file of animations on each change takes forever……So I will try again today to separate a few and test but I am betting I will have to stick with the combo file.

More later it is early =)


Update: Got the animation items figured out… I just do not share a avatar I have each use their own. Confuising yes but a lot of Unity is trial and error =)… Here we go!


Update: Very aggrivating … I have a bone for the weapons in the hand… once I animate the skeleton the bones are not in the right spot!… argh… anyway that is where I have been stuck … more when I figure it out I will share here.


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