I had to revisit the character gen for a small issue that took way to long..

However now I completely understand how unity works with skinned meshes, combining them, animating them, and bind poses. That is worth the time…A few hints for others… When exporting from blender be sure your model AND armature have the right rotations. My model was rotated internally which you cannot see when bound to an armature (skeleton). The envelope was concealing it was rotate…I simply applied the transform and it was fixed. It did take a while though argh….

So now I take a piece that is saved out in bind pose. Grab its skin and bone weights. Store the names of the bones for adding to the new skeleton. Then I get the bone wieghts and look of the name of the old skeleton bone and find what index it is in the new skeleton and save it. Repeat for each piece and each skinned mesh and whaalaah. A combined skinned mesh with one batch call.. I would also say look out for skeleton names. Sometimes Blender or Unity  not sure which added a period into the name instead of the _ it was. It might have been me but I do not think so..That made the armature only animate partially… Anywho on to invetory item and equipment window clean up. Then I will start shooting stuff and collecting items =)..

Good stuff finally…more later!


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