Made a ton of progress the last few days!…

Update: I am placing in the weapons now… a few glitches to deal with… I cannot wait until all the systems are rock solid and I can just pump content in =)… anyway tonight will be a short night of work I had a rough day job day… More tomorrow…Have a great day!

Now I am on to adding in assets FINALLY!!! All the systems are go. All the little quick hacks so I could get something else working are gone… the systems are simplified… Awesomeness!


Anyway the first set of items to finish are the weapon parts. Then I will be moving on to the armors…One HUGE difference in ME2 is the enemies all can have different weapons. ME one limited the level to an enemy type and each type had the same weapon… not in 2 =)…


Anywho exciting times!


More later!


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