It is not pretty YET…


But I had to print out all the possible combinations to look at the art/story etc to make sure they are right =).. So here is my first debug print of all the current projectile weapons in the game… and yes there are LOTS of little things to fix.. and story to fill in.. but that is the easy part. It took longer to write the item exporter then those will be to fix..


You will see a lot of disjointed items etc… story to fill but I wanted to show how the system can make 600 weapons off just a little work and they really do look original..

And looking throught them my exporter had a one off so a lot are missing… Got lots of hook up joints to fix looks like about 8



2 Responses to “It is not pretty YET…”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    WOW those pistols look awesome and all but the Void pistol fit perfectly! Now I can’t wait for when testing is going on.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I cannot wait either.. I found an assembly bug so they will all look better soon. With better automatic stories =)..

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