Adding a really cool script

This bit of code will  generate a history to an item and a storied description based on its stats and some other data in the item. It is pretty cool I think.. I have to do whatever I can to imitate a full development crew so I am creating a story and lore employee in code =P… Anyway I will also be going through the weapons I posted at that link yesterday and fixing all those puppies.


More later!


3 Responses to “Adding a really cool script”

  1. xxlionheartxx Says:

    did you need anyone to write history for you or backstory because I would love to do that 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      After I get it more together that would be great… It would be nice to have reall good lore fro each levels bad guy boss. There are just way to many items to do this…

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