So far 563 different weapons..

Check them out here =)… The descriptions need to be completed and stats. On to swords to boost it closer to 1000. Later on I plan on adding even crazier looking weapons but after swords and shields I am going to have to move to armors and enemies. Good stuff! I love adding content. I added 300 weapons in 3 days =).. not to bad. That included lots of code to auto generate things SOOO in the future I will not have to do that..

Check them out here:

Here are a few:




2 Responses to “So far 563 different weapons..”

  1. xxlionheartxx Says:

    Super awesome! You may want to create a three random generated list name to name more of the common found weapons. I dont remember if you did something similar in ME1. I also like your current descriptions of the weapons almost as if the Player Character found the gun, studied it, and wrote down all he knew about it in a e-journal. Also, another quick sugestion, maybe do something similar in borderlands where each gun company specializes in one or two areas of a guns ability. For example, Tourgue loves explosive ammunition so it doesnt matter if its a pistol or rocket launcher there are always explosions!
    Note: Maybe instead of doing it by gun company, youncould do it by race: Humans, Aliens, Bugs, etc.
    hope this helps

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