A little redesign

A little redesign to save me a ton of time. I am making the words that describe the items independent of the models and effects. There are a lot of smaller design items to many to discuss. However, the new design will have a list of words that then pick the type of item and the model after that. Thus I do not have to create a gigantic database of items. The computer will design the weapons for me with some nifty coding. Anywho… this might take a day but save weeks. More later!


2 Responses to “A little redesign”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    I think this is what I was asking about. How does a procedurally generated weapon get random stats regardless of name?

    I also had an idea for shields. You can have the shapes, but then a slightly thicker part like an “icon” or an “emblem” to really give them some style.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      LIke the shield idea.. There are two databases. One for words. One for the models that make the item. The words have the stats. The models are then chosen from the database. The strength at the level decide the models. The models also have a minimum level drop rate. So you will see new art all the way through. So crushing blaster of destruction will look diferent at level 10 then it will level 2 and it will have far reduced stats. Each level an item gains adds to its stats in a percentage boost. 😉

      Is that clear enough? It is a pretty simple system on the creators side. I get to just add art and add words and then let the generator make millions of item combinations.

      There is Quality, Level, Stock Name, Mid piece Name (decides what it does), Barrel or blade name. so 10 x 50 * 11+ x 11+ x 11 = 6,110,500 weapons of each type… rifles, melee, and pistols. Then there are abilities.. =)

      If its not clear how it works let me know.. I am not really good at explaining geek talk sometimes =P

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