Loot Gen Up!

Currently I will be displaying the actual generated items.. That might change per device depending on performance.

Here is the loot gen working. I ran around pressing a button spitting out random items… no materials yet as I need better models.




Pretty cool! =)

Here is the item Gen at work

Here are shots of the item gen working… these are all non bonused weapons. Bonuses add glows and effects to the weapon and more of a description. Lots of work to go but it is getting there =) The stats to text at the top is broken and the icon is also… on the list =P….


A little redesign

A little redesign to save me a ton of time. I am making the words that describe the items independent of the models and effects. There are a lot of smaller design items to many to discuss. However, the new design will have a list of words that then pick the type of item and the model after that. Thus I do not have to create a gigantic database of items. The computer will design the weapons for me with some nifty coding. Anywho… this might take a day but save weeks. More later!