Pretty close to done for characters

For the character models I have the first 30 levels covered (still need to add in two zombies models of poor npcs caught in the wrong place at the wrong time). I also still need to add in the mechanical pieces sticking out of the flesh and bodies. I also need to make more of the players armor. It is going pretty well at this rate I think I will be back to making the game fun to play soon. I have a TON of weapons and items. I still need to get abilities in and get all the weapons functional to beyond graphics… lots of tweaking but it is really moving…More later….


2 Responses to “Pretty close to done for characters”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    I just got an idea for an armor set that may remind you of linen armor from Necromancer Rising, because linen helmets didn’t move unlike the other ones. Some “Restraining Iron” armor where the upper arms, head, feet, and centerpiece don’t move the same way as the linen helm.

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Ahh not one piece.. =).. I now have to go through and tweak all the bad guy pieces then on to armor =)

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