Getting abilties in.

The first is throwing things. Its already in. IE I can make a ton of different grenades etc. Anyway I hope to get some work done this weekend and get back on the ball… Life just got really crazy for a little while. More later!


3 Responses to “Getting abilties in.”

  1. Antonio Martorana Says:

    Awww my ipod died yesterday. SO NOW I can’t defeat the digestive gas in Necro. And I can’t turn it back on even though it’s charged.

    But anyways, I think you should make skills random. I know you already did 1 skill but maybe you could have projectiles that do damage and ones that don’t do damage but give negative effects to the hit target. Than an aura that either does the same thing or gives players boosts or heals them (so if there’s multiplayer, it will be useful)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just curious when will we see M.E on the App Store again? Totally want to play it!

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