Your first encounter with the rep…





2 Responses to “Your first encounter with the rep…”

  1. KiltedKey Says:

    Oh goodness, I have months of catching up to do on things to read about this game! Still a massive fan of your first one, and I’m behind, but I just have a quick few questions!

    1: Will IOS be the first targeted operating system, or should we also expect a PC/Steam release?

    2: Will it still have as much loot as the first? I do love loot!

    3: Will it still have passive buffs? I do my passives!

    4: How will shields work on this game? Quick parry like in the first game?

    5: Will any of the guns be fully automatic?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      1. I am using unity now so all platforms =). I am not sure the first platform though yet. I was planning on IOS first.. Not truly decided yet.

      2. Yes it is a loot monster =)

      3. Yes passives

      4. Yes it is an amor boost but actually blocking gives a much higher armor boost =)

      5. Yes fully automatic guns are already in there =)…

      I hope I get the time I need to get it done sooner rater then later =).. things are moving but it is a moonlight time job =)… and I want it done right =)

      thanks for the interest it keeps me moving!

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