Doomsday Device is back

Thar she blows!



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  1. prototypicalname Says:

    I’m finally back! Sorry for the huge period of inactivity, a lot of stuff happened but I’m back now.

    Really happy to see the massive progress that has happened since I last checked. 😀

    Anyway, I was looking at your other site and happened upon the monetisation page. While a completely understandable pay model, I think that you should also make a premium version of the game for the loyal fans of the first game. The premium game would be less ‘grindy’ and should have less of the restrictions that the free game imposes like the restriction placed on weapon abilities. Now I do understand that this doesn’t seem profitable but you would be charging a premium price for a premium game ($10-$30).

    The premium game should also be a tad bit harder than the free game so that people who pay for a lot of premium currency will also get their money’s worth.

    This would allow you to tap into the other large market of gamers who want to pay up front for their games.

    Another suggestion if making a premium version is too much hassle would be to do something similar Dark Meadow: The Pact. I haven’t seen this type of model in other games (If there are other games that do this forgive me for my ignorance). The game had a buyable option of turning it into a premium-ish game where the items that were previously available with premium currency would now be available for purchase with in-game currency. While it wasn’t perfect, I think it’s worth a shot. My past experience with freemium games was that not paying for currency made the game too hard while paying for currency made it too easy, at least with this option it might be possible to find a middle ground that’s just right.

    Of course this is all drivel coming from someone who hasn’t made games and can only imagine the effort put into them, so I can understand wanting to see the fruits of your labor.

    Either way the game’s going to be epic and I can’t wait for the game to be finished. 🙂

    • prototypicalname Says:

      Oh I almost forgot, I made a little intro story for the first game.Hope you enjoy! 🙂

      As a side note before reading, I don’t know the name of the protagonist of ME1 so I just called him P for Protagonist. Feel free to change his name and the colonel’s too. 😀

      Also Reapers is just something unoriginal I came up with so feel free to change that too 🙂

      Here it is:

      Europa is home to the farthest research facility in the solar system, inhabited only by researchers and soldiers. Europa piqued the interest of the Unified System Alliance or (U.S.A for short), the main governing body of the solar system for its seemingly abundant supply of water which is only scarcely found in small amounts on non-Earth planets. Researchers and soldiers were sent by the U.S.A. to investigate the quality of the water located on the distant moon. The operation was moving smoothly and the U.S.A gained massive popularity for their endeavour but after three years since the operation began, all communications from the research facility ceased. The orbital platform which orbited Europa, an installation that would warn the U.S.A. Headquarters on Mars should any incidents occur also remained silent. The U.S.A., worried about what happened and fearing a backlash from its supporters, covertly sent a squadron of highly trained elite soldiers to the moon to ascertain what happened to the researchers. Under the guise of a mineral extraction mission, a military freighter disguised as a mining vessel launched from Mars’ main launch-port Olympus Central headed for Europa.
      The ship moved slowly until it reached the asteroid belt and passed the scanning range of most civilian radar systems. At this point the ship shed its rear cover revealing an advanced Pulse Drive which catapulted the ship at blinding speeds towards Jupiter. The high speed was imperative so that the ship wasn’t pulled in by Jupiter’s colossal gravitational pull. Once the ship’s trajectory was set for Europa, the ship began to circle Jupiter to slow itself down enough for a safe landing.

      The soldiers, who had not even spoken a word to each other, got into a position which nullified most of the G-forces that would be associated with the ship landing on a Gas Giant’s moon. Once Europa came into view, a blinding white beam shot from the surface and hit the freighter. The ship sustained minor damage but, as if possessed, began to accelerate and tilt its nose towards the surface. The ship hurtled towards the surface at an incredible speed. The ship crashed on the moon’s icy surface breaking apart and catching fire. The half of the ship with the Pulse engine exploded after the repeated impacts destabilized the engine’s reactor, instantly killing the soldiers located there. The other half skidded across the frozen surface for a few seconds before grinding to a halt.

      P (the main character) woke up after being knocked out when the ship crashed. Around him lay the dismembered corpses of his comrades. Intestines and other viscera lay strewn around P’s vicinity. The silence created a morbid tranquility that sent shivers down P’s spine. In the distance he heard a metallic screech followed by his comrade’s screams. P, sensing danger, reached for his standard issue 12 gauge shotgun (Though more advanced weapons have been created, ballistic weaponry was often cheaper and effective enough to handle most combat situations.) but his holster was missing. ‘It must have torn off when the ship crashed’, he thought to himself. Suddenly a large gunshot echoed from near the wreckage. P reacted immediately to this, getting up and slowly making his way to the direction of the gunshot.
      The scene he was greeted with was extremely disturbing. In front of him, his comrade or rather half of him was shakily holding his 12 gauge shotgun and was pointing it at something. At his angle, P couldn’t quite make out his comrade’s assailant although he could definitely hear something drawing closer to his comrade. The injured soldier shakily held up the shotgun and aimed the gun at whatever was attacking him. P, seeing the danger his comrade was in, immediately prepared to come to his aid. Just as he was about to move towards the injured soldier, a shot rang out which was immediately followed by the sound of something falling down.

      “Take that you bastard, that one was for killing my men,” the soldier muttered.P, seeing that the soldier didn’t need help, ran out to give him medical aid. When he heard P’s footsteps, the soldier turned and aimed his shotgun at P’s direction but quickly recognised that it was P and lowered his shotgun. P ran up to the soldier and caught a glimpse of what he shot. It was a horrific sight, the creature looked vaguely human. it looked like a metal skeleton with bits of what appeared to be human flesh stuck to it. The awful smell emanating from the corpse told P that the flesh on the corpse was old and decomposing. Before further examining the creature he turned to give medical aid to the soldier. The soldier’s condition was quite worrying. The lower half of his body was torn off and his head was mutilated to the point that it was unrecognisable.
      “You’re looking fine today private,” the soldier said almost cheerfully. “As you can see I’m in poor shape. I don’t know what that thing was, it cut through eight of our soldiers before we even realised what was going on. I managed to get a few shots into it before it got me but every time it got down it just got back up. From the look of that thing now though, I don’t think it’ll get up anymore.”
      P recognised the soldier’s voice and realised that it was his squad’s leader Colonel Richard. Realising who he was, P hastily saluted and apologised for his informality.
      “At ease soldier, it’s not like I’ll be able to reprimand you for it later”, said the Colonel laughing. His laughter was quickly interrupted by a fit of coughing out blood. It was obvious that he was beginning to go into shock due to blood loss. “Listen, I don’t have much time left but I need to tell you what happened. There were others like that thing who dragged some of the unconscious soldiers somewhere. I don’t know what they plan to do with us but I don’t think letting them get you is a good idea.”He started to cough more vigorously as his lungs filled with blood. “If you ever see more of those things give them hell for our fallen brothers,” the colonel muttered before going limp. His eyes stopped blinking and P knew that the colonel breathed his last. P nodded to the colonel before giving him one final salute, he could at least do that. He reached out and closed the colonel’s eyes. The colonel didn’t need to see more of the atrocities here.

      Just as he was grasping the situation on the moon, P suddenly heard snow crunching behind him. He turned to see two of those abominations drawing near. He had been too distracted by the colonel and lowered his guard. He had no weapon, if only he hadn’t lost it in the crash. P was beginning to panic when he suddenly heard a robotic voice speak to him.
      “Quickly human, grab your colonel’s shotgun!”
      P turned and saw a bloody shotgun nestled in the colonel’s arms. He had completely forgotten about it. In a fraction of a second, P grabbed the gun and took aim. The shotgun’s iron sights were aimed directly at the head of the closest creature. P, remembering his training, took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. P heard a loud bang as the shotgun stock pushed into his shoulder. Soon after, he heard the sound of a body falling on the snow. The shotgun hit its mark. Hurriedly, P aimed at the other creature and pulled the trigger. Click. The shotgun was empty. P quickly reached into his vest pocket and pulled out one shell. That thing probably wouldn’t give him any more time to load more shells into the shotgun. He slid the shell into the loading flap and pumped the shotgun. The creature, now almost three metres away from P, lunged stretching out a bladed arm. P took aim and pulled the trigger blasting it away before it even had the chance to touch the ground. Two of the abominations now lay in front of him. P made sure they would stay down by unloading a few more shells into each body. With the knowledge that he was safe, P fell to his knees and vomited. It took all his training and concentration to stop him from losing his composure earlier. What were they? Where did they come from? Why did they kidnap his comrades? All those questions swam around his head filling him with a deep sense of fear and dread. He began to shake uncontrollably; he would probably die on this moon. The voice came back and snapped him out of his fear induced paranoia.
      “Human, I am sure you must be quite distressed. I will explain the situation later but for now I must get you to safety as the noise of the gunfight probably attracted more Reapers.”
      The voice was right; in the distance he could see a swarm of those things moving towards his position. P began to feel terrified.
      “ Do not panic human. I have already pin-pointed your location and will begin the teleportation process.” P felt a strange sensation within his body but before he had a chance to protest he blacked out.

      P woke up in a strange building. There was a red coloured liquid splattered on most of the walls and pools of it were congealing on the floor. From the smell of iron, P could tell that it was blood. The door to the building was wrenched open and the streaks of blood indicated that multiple bodies were dragged out and brought somewhere. Other than the fact that a massacre must have happened here, the building looked relatively intact. It was small and had two mechanized vendors on one end. Filled with curiosity, P walked up to one of the vendors.
      “Trade post open please use your available credits. The corporation appreciates your business,” the vendor said in a garbled tone. It was a General Merchant Interface (G.M.I. for short). They were a standard model often used in the past for its reliable and secure method of dealing goods to soldiers though products often became damaged as the product was brought out by the vendor’s mechanized arms. This model was soon replaced with the Market Interface which sped up transactions and was less likely to damage the products it was selling.

      “Welcome to Spaceport 0037 human,” a voice spoke. It was similar to the voice P heard earlier. P turned to the direction of the voice. There, a hologram of a female scientist was being projected from a rusty looking cube. “As you can see the situation in Europa is grim. Monsters that my previous user, a researcher named Dr. Sierra, termed ‘Reapers’ slowly came out of the tunnels the researchers were creating. Some of the scientists and soldiers locked themselves within this building though they were quickly overrun. The others who did not make it to this building shared a similar fate,” it explained. “Most of my memory has either been erased or locked by the previous user. To survive on this moon human, you and I must work together. I cannot directly aid you but I can provide information that you will find indispensable but, unfortunately, we must obtain certain codes to unlock this information. From what files I can access there is a small research facility deep underground that seems relatively unharmed and may have survivors. To get there though, I must warn you, will involve you going into the tunnels where you will most likely encounter more of those abominations.”
      P gripped his shotgun more tightly. He didn’t completely trust this machine but he knew that he would have to fight more of those monsters if he was going to make it out alive. The cube projecting the hologram seemed quite menacing but it was his only ally here. He would have to trust it if he was going to get through this hell called Europa.

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Awesome thanks! Yes lots to think about!
    Love it! Great intro! I will try to incorporate some of it!

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