Testing all the weapons with AI

So far so good… I expect to be adding some more abilities and buff then debuffs and then finally playing the game =)…more lateScreenCap1.png

3 thoughts on “Testing all the weapons with AI

  1. Just wanted to let you know I’ve been following your projects for years. Can’t play ME anymore because of iOS 9, so I’m greatly looking forward to this. I first played ME on an iPod Touch. It broke, and I had Android, so I couldn’t actually play it again until a couple of years ago when I switched to iPhone. This and The Quest were seriously the main reasons I went iPhone. Your game was THAT big to me.

    Keep up the hard work. Whatever else happens, you’ll have a day one purchase from me.

    1. Thanks so much!! Big rocket fuel to finish … Life has gotten so much more busy it has taken far more time then I thought

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