Working weekends again finally


Cut scenes are so much easier in Unity!



4 thoughts on “Working weekends again finally

  1. Hey,Ryan.

    You won’t forget to add some kinds of special abilities in ME 2 like telekinesis (being able to throw corpses or any other junk on your enemies) , sonic boom (something like a force push,you know 🙂 ) ?

    It’s just since 2K is not willing to fix Bioshock crashing issue,we,the iOS users,need a good Bioshock fps alternative,meaning that it should have something special in it like abilities that I’ve listed 🙂
    You’ll get a lot of love for this,mate.May God bless you and your family!

  2. Thank you so much! … There will be lots of abilities. Right now I am finishing up the story then I will focus solely on game play.

    I am finally at work after hours full time again on this beast of a project.

    1. Sorry for bothering you again,mate,another questions:

      Will it work on devices with 1gb RAM like iPad 4?

      Will it have some extraordinary locations like lava caves or flooded rooms (with actual lava or water,I mean).Alien-plants infested areas (very “greeny” areas with lots of plants and stuff,I think something like that,well similar,was in ME 1).

      Would be cool if there was a section like star forge in “Star Wars – knights of the old republic” with a bunch of bridge rooms connected to each other,beneath them would be an abyss or something like that (again,rooms like that existed in ME 1).

      1. Sorry for late response got really busy….
        Yes wild locations.. I am not sure the spectrum yet of devices. That will come later at optimization time. I hope to support the most possible of course =)

        Yes there will be much better rooms and ideas with the power of unity!!

        Thanks for keeping up. My main job has been really tough the last 4 months or so and hopefully not in the future.

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