Working weekends again finally


Cut scenes are so much easier in Unity!



4 thoughts on “Working weekends again finally

  1. Hey,Ryan.

    You won’t forget to add some kinds of special abilities in ME 2 like telekinesis (being able to throw corpses or any other junk on your enemies) , sonic boom (something like a force push,you know 🙂 ) ?

    It’s just since 2K is not willing to fix Bioshock crashing issue,we,the iOS users,need a good Bioshock fps alternative,meaning that it should have something special in it like abilities that I’ve listed 🙂
    You’ll get a lot of love for this,mate.May God bless you and your family!

  2. ryanmitchellgames says:

    Thank you so much! … There will be lots of abilities. Right now I am finishing up the story then I will focus solely on game play.

    I am finally at work after hours full time again on this beast of a project.

    1. Sorry for bothering you again,mate,another questions:

      Will it work on devices with 1gb RAM like iPad 4?

      Will it have some extraordinary locations like lava caves or flooded rooms (with actual lava or water,I mean).Alien-plants infested areas (very “greeny” areas with lots of plants and stuff,I think something like that,well similar,was in ME 1).

      Would be cool if there was a section like star forge in “Star Wars – knights of the old republic” with a bunch of bridge rooms connected to each other,beneath them would be an abyss or something like that (again,rooms like that existed in ME 1).

      1. ryanmitchellgames says:

        Sorry for late response got really busy….
        Yes wild locations.. I am not sure the spectrum yet of devices. That will come later at optimization time. I hope to support the most possible of course =)

        Yes there will be much better rooms and ideas with the power of unity!!

        Thanks for keeping up. My main job has been really tough the last 4 months or so and hopefully not in the future.

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