Still going… -)


Just lots to get done in life and with the game… =)


13 thoughts on “Still going… -)

    1. Thanks and there is FOR SURE an andriod version… Main releases will be iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac…. that is why I went with Unity… which has caused a few issues here and there but I still like the design.

      1. If you need any help, I would love to help in my free time off work. Im good with photoshop if you need something made there, and I can help with other random things if you need it!

      2. Sounds good I will try to think of things in a bit. In the middle of code right now…

        Learn Blender! =)… its all I use for in game models.
        Free and simple app to combine with photoshop!


    1. Thanks! I hope as soon as possible as my day job has been eating me alive!…. It has been hard to find the extra time… =)

  1. I’ve been missing mission Europe so bad recently. I played for years and then it got removed from the appstore. I really hope you haven’t given up on this game too. The original Mission Europa was the best mobile game I had ever played. My friends and I were obsessed with it. If Mission Europe 2 is anything like it I’m sure it will be incredible. Please please please continue working on this game, or at least bring the first one back. If you’re looking for beta testers I would love to help out.

    a huge fan.

  2. Thanks that does motivate me! Really just trying to save my main company I work for the last few months have seen a HUGE drop in prices and slump in work. Thus overtime!

    I have not given up yet I was just thinking of how I could get back at it even with extreme main job hours.

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