Working on items an combat.

I am reworking the way items process actions that way I really open up the possibilities.

Ill hopefully be posting more eye candy soon as I am finally able to get back to ME2 production…


10 thoughts on “Working on items an combat.

  1. Can’t wait for this to be released on Android! Would you be able to provide a rough percentage of the game you’ve completed?

    I actually have three friends who know of this game, and are excited for the new one. We’re like stalkers, watching this form, waiting for an update on progress. 🙂

    Also, will there be a testing period of sort, open to either the public, or a selected few? Would love to be in something similar to that.

  2. I am sitting at about 75% the main job has been wacked lately thus the lack of time to work. I hope to get back to it this week and continue on.

    Yes definitely a testing period.


  3. Is there any possible way to still get necromanser rising? Sorry. But I played it all the time, loved the game but now that I’ve gone back to redownload I see they’ve taken it off the store and it’s not even in my purchased…
    I just really want to be able to play it again..

    1. Slow sadly the day job has had me for a while now at 10-12 hours a day… and lots of travel…. Hopefully soon that will slow down!!

  4. Hey, I see you haven’t post anything for a while. I just hope the development is still going. When this game is release I am sure it will be the best iphone game in a long time 🙂

  5. I know man life has been rough lately way to many normal work hours this year… its not shelved its just going to take a while sadly….if the day job ever lets up!

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