Ok getting back at it…

And possibly a big change. Unity has increased its pricing from 75 a seat to 125 a seat. I have run into many road blocks using unity and their enlighten lighting package is absurdly slow and just crap really. They see this also as they are creating a new light mapping solution. However, 125 a seat for the product they offer is ridiculous. Thus I am going to spend a few days exploring the current unreal engine. I will transfer assets and recode lots of items….. but I cannot afford 125 a month for unity. The basic free unity package is hobbled…. I think they are making a huge mistake in direction. We shall see and I will start investigating The Unreal engine tonight. I will post here my findings….

I worked extensively in the past with the unreal engine so lets hope it has gotten better also. In fact I implemented an in engine light-mapper for 2015 back in the day. Back then the engine seemed to have lots of bandaids to make it do things it was not designed for….

More later…..excited to check out unreal…..


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