Looking into different lighting methods..


Unity is the slowest lighting system I have EVER encountered…. I wrote empirical renders 20 years ago that were faster.  Even giving them 20 GIGS of cache space it is still slow as heck. Iterations take DAYS….so I am looking into blender for light mapping. So far so good. Tonight I plan on working towards finding the best way to implement in Unity. I really want my original design back of the game being made by the computer. Unity’s horrible lighting integration does not allow for many things especially generated levels. What I need is simple. A prefab with a lightmap texture and textures for materials separately (I May end up writing my own shader in the end but we shall see) that I can pull from the library. Anyway… as I learn if this will work or not I will post =).

I wanted to add Blenders light maps are WAY better and take minutes not DAYS! I am serious one rendering session took 2 days in unity!…. That does not work with 40 levels x 2 days lol… so broken… I wish I could use Unreal 4 but my Mac is to old at home and Unreal to slow. Maybe next game I will upgrade.


Hacked into unity using a standard shader for now… I am going to have to write my own the way I serialize levels.



Looks great to me and looks like a great direction to get back on track!… AND IT TOOK 1 MINUTE TO RENDER LIGHTING UNITY!…. Unity takes overnight for anything even close…… they better get their act in gear….


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