Sorry for the lack of posts

I am taking the next few weeks to recreate an old game for halloween called cursed slots. I need some income to excuse the price of developing Mission Europa. It will only cost a few weeks and also give me experience deploying on Unity prior to the big boy Mission Europa 2. Good stuff Ill post here as I go. Some posts tomorrow of the look it should be pretty fun and a good diversion.


4 Responses to “Sorry for the lack of posts”

  1. Goldenhawk Says:

    A break is surely needed, you’ve been working on Mission Europa 2 for a very long time. Hopefully “Cursed Slots” can provide you with the money to continue development of Mission Europa 2, plus extra to keep. More experience is better, especially with a massive game such as Mission Europa 2, good luck on both projects!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thanks! Even if it doe snot boost that extra cash it will give me a road-map for multi platform releases with a few weeks invested and not a few years.


  2. MrSpud Says:

    Hey I’m still around! Thanks for keeping us up to date, I have faith in you! The screenshots look unbelievable, it’s going to be quite a game.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks! If only I hate a small flux capacitor!

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