Sorry for the lack of posts

I am taking the next few weeks to recreate an old game for halloween called cursed slots. I need some income to excuse the price of developing Mission Europa. It will only cost a few weeks and also give me experience deploying on Unity prior to the big boy Mission Europa 2. Good stuff Ill post here as I go. Some posts tomorrow of the look it should be pretty fun and a good diversion.


19 thoughts on “Sorry for the lack of posts

  1. A break is surely needed, you’ve been working on Mission Europa 2 for a very long time. Hopefully “Cursed Slots” can provide you with the money to continue development of Mission Europa 2, plus extra to keep. More experience is better, especially with a massive game such as Mission Europa 2, good luck on both projects!

    1. Thanks! Even if it doe snot boost that extra cash it will give me a road-map for multi platform releases with a few weeks invested and not a few years.


  2. Hey I’m still around! Thanks for keeping us up to date, I have faith in you! The screenshots look unbelievable, it’s going to be quite a game.

  3. Just saying, if you would put the first Mission Europa and Necromancer Rising on the Google Play Store, I would insta buy it 😉

      1. I’d also like to see the first Mission Europa ported over to Android, hopefully it won’t be much work, if you decide to do so. Though, if it came to Android, I’d buy it pretty fast. Really enjoyed it on IOS.

      2. Yikes… but doable.. I can think about it.. Would take quite a bit of time with all the xpecial code… That is why I am using unity now… no real Porting! =)

  4. I know it probably wouldn’t be easy, but if possible, you should think about trying to port Mission Europa and Necromancer rising on the xbox creation club. If not possible, at least consider the option for mission europa 2 ;P Looking forward to ME2 and I hope things are going well for you!

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  6. Hope everything has been going well for you, there has not been a update or post for a little while. Also it seems that Mission Europa has been removed from the App Store? I don’t own an IOS device so I can’t verify exactly, but a search online for the app store page doesn’t show any results regarding the game.

    1. Life has really been busy my main job had some hard times but now I am having to do overtime to make up for those times… its going great now… just the main source of income must be upheld =-)

      I have not given up I hope to return to it when I can!

      1. And ME 1 and most other games I had to pull because my engine got outdated by apple updates…

  7. Hey when is work starting back up on this game? And again any news on bringing M.E 1 back? I paid 10 dollars back in the day for the supporter edition and if I can play it the catch up on story I would love that.

    1. ME1 is next if time is avaialble.. Apple has moved so far ahead that my hand built engine is like a bicycle on an expressway.

      Look forward to ME2 first in VR then to other non VR devices… =)

  8. Hey, Just checking up on you! You made one of my favorite games as a kid on iPhone and I recently found your page after searching through years of account history.

  9. Hope this game isn’t dead. ME1 is one of those games that inspired to get a bachelor of science in game art. Also, have you thought about porting ME1 to PC or Mac? You could likely get it green lit on Steam with the type following you have.

    1. That is damn inspiring… I am back… and in VR this time!!!

      Wow that means alot… I am clearing life out of the way to give it a real go again!

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