It has begun!


That is a Mission Europa 2 item … in VR with me holding it =)…. exciting… and easy so far… now to migrate gigs of data slowly and selectively….

Time to get some paper out and plan this….

VR Mission Europa….. droooolll I cannot wait to experience my little creation in virtual reality.

Soo I need to first make a little play pen and decide what I want to do… I love the ripping and grappling in Robo recall but I am not sure that would work with a sword and shield or other weapons in your hands… the magic could do fun things like that… any ideas are welcome. If you have tried Robo Recall you will see what I mean.. I do believe I am going with a full walking mode not the warp they do. I know after getting used to VR you can play for hours… at first vertigo is an issue but it goes away…

So first I am going to get the item assembler back together and then have it attach to custom game hands. I will have to update some assets to match the current level of games. I need to add a full set of fully deform able gloves to the game. Not hard just takes some time. The weapons still look really good and will work. I will need to work out a new AI system which is fine. I was not the biggest fan of RAIN AI. Its behavior trees were nice. However, I can make my own that suite my needs better. AI will be later, first I need to get down what I want. My first test bed will be just item assembly into the new gloves. Once I get that done I will move to texture assembly. I have all these tools created I just need to move them over and modify them a little. Then I will start the play pen with just a character rig to beat up on and figure out what I like. Do I want to grab them? And who all can I grab? Not bosses or mini bosses.. minions?floaters? .. I also want mine to be bloody. Will Oculus allow this?

I do think I will go with grabbing at close range. I would love to grab one and hack its head off with a sword. I already have limb removal code in the older ME2 version.

SO before I even get to hacking and shooting I need to get a glove working and a sword in my test bed app. Once pretty I will expert to me clean ME2.1 build. I plan on doing this with all experiments and not branching. (as much as I can) If some system is like a tree with huge roots into the code then I will make a copy this time and then delete it after moving over the new parts. The old ME2 got crowded with prefabs scripts etc that were not used but maybe referenced. Got really nasty. I also bought things that fowled up the code with code that was not efficient or very clean. Not making that mistake again.

Anywho enough type type type.. off to work!

Gloves First!


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