Restarting Development Finally

After a long hiatus after some life and work events I am glad to announce the reboot of Mission Europa 2. I have started a new project in Unity and will be migrating the old build of ME2 over to the newest features of unity. One of the biggest changes is the first release of ME2 will be for VR. I am a huge fan and I really want to see this very unique universe in VR. After that release a reworking of the UI I plan on release on other devices in order of popularity.

So it has begun and I will be posting here for anyone left to see where it stands!

Thanks for hanging in there… it is time!


6 thoughts on “Restarting Development Finally

    1. I am back … and for good… in VR … I cannot wait!

      Now go get yourself a Oculus rift sir! I will need testers =)…

      O boy the possibilities…

  1. Doing my usual Mission Europa 2 news check and noticed this post, so excited that your back! I’m really looking forward to future announcements and the eventual release! 😀

    Virtual Reality version would be really cool, sadly I couldn’t participate in that experience though. Only have the peasant version of the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR. 😛

    1. LOL it will be for all VR gear =)… then other devices!… Glad to have you back and glad to be back! Super excited to get back to my passion!

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