Working Saturday!

FINALLY got the VR controller and my custom hand model working in unity… Really it was more unity and getting the animator to obey and use my time steps for the animation. The thumb was a tricky one. It is a poll once and then remember thing. You cannot keep asking it if it is down. You have to store it is down on the pad. Then check to see if it is released. The fingers were easy. A simple float value that I can just apply to the full animation of the hand. The hand has 3 additive layers of animation. The thumb, Index, and rest of the fingers. Then anim.Play(“graspindex”, 1, indexTrigger * 0.9999f); is used. The 0.999f is there because if it reaches the end of the animation it automatically resets. Thus a magic number to never let the 0-1 value complete all the way. The value is a normalized value of the entire animation from what I have seen.

Ok next step!… while I am making home made cheddar cheese lol… I get on weird kicks.. Cheese is the new thing after I feel I have mastered Ribs, Steak, Brisket, and really any BBQ. So a hard challenge is for sure cheddar cheese lol takes all day. A good thing for breaks while working on ME2…

See below the fully functional deathstar… or hand I mean…


The next step hopefully will not be to bad… (famous last words).. I now need to track the hand in 3D… then repeat all this for the other hand. After that I start to move over ME2.0 assets to ME2.1 assets! =)… Moving along and I will be working as hard as I can on this. Its not to bad I have a desk set up in front of my big screen while I watch football and netflix =P….

More later!

Update: Well the hand movement is done… that was a little too easy wow took a few minutes to tie it to a pre made anchor and presto chango my hand movementis done! Next is duplicating it for the right hand….. then I will bring the item manufacturing system over =)…. good stuff!


2 thoughts on “Working Saturday!

  1. I think just for testing purposes you should see if the middle finger works correctly and post a picture 😆
    Making cheese sounds interesting!

    1. LOL…I wish… seems they are not a fan of the bird…. Making cheese is different for sure.. today BBQ and pool after working on ME. =)

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