Boring but easy and in =)…

I think tonight if I have the energy I will experiment with VR grabbing and throwing =)… fun!…



6 thoughts on “Doors…

  1. Hey! So glad to see you’re getting back into it, I really thought you’d have given up so this is a very nice surprise. I will be keeping an eye on you again!

    1. Back at it for good. Sick right now thats why the lack of posts… but getting better quickly. Weird summer flu thing.. Will be posting tomorrow I bet. =)

  2. Man, I am so glad to hear ME2 is moving in the direction of VR. I’ve become a bit of a VR head over the past year. Haven’t checked in for a while. So glad to see this project isn’t dead. ME1 is one of the reasons I went to art school and learned code. Dig your work man. Looking forward to this game.

  3. Glad to hear still working just boring stuff not fun to post lol… once o get outta straight code maybe this weekend I’ll post some more 😉 glad to hear about the VR.. I think it’s a good avenue with less competition 😉

    And experiencing the ME world in VR will be fun and a great time 😉

    Posting via phone 😉

  4. I hadn’t checked the blog in months, so I decided to give it one more check. It was an extremely pleasant surprise to see that not only had you started up again, but we’re going full force. Looking forward to the day I finally play this game! Keep up the awesome work.

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