O how I love rag dolls…

Now to bring over my old code that once the enemies health is dead it goe srag doll and slumps to the floor. Not to mention it might be missing a few body parts. I hope to implement some grab functionality in the VR game as I love robo recall and its grab dynamics. Not to hard so we shall see. That will of course come later as most VR items will. I will finish developing on the PC then get to the VR aspect as I do not want to be waring a VR visor every day as I develope. Then I will just switch out the control wrappers so the VR takes the place of the PC controls etc with a few tweaks that are specific to the devices. Feels good now to be back in full dev mode at night. I am seriously considering a VLOG along with this blog so other game devs or people might follow along with my erros and successes =)…

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