Well did the exit hit…

Not worth the calculations as most times it is barely visible…. yeap shoulda known that.. but things are moving very quickly now… bringing the old systems over and converting them to a new modular systems. It is working well. I expect some amazing things. I really want to focus on the mission syetem and story telling soon. It already was next gen when I stopped. So a little extrea could make it really intersting. So today recap … got the ragdol system done with a new base skeleton. Gotthe cobat system done with a new collision skeleton. Got the item system and stats back in. Got the blood effect system back in with a read directory system so if I add more effects it auto adds in… got the item stats to add to an attack.. tomorrow who knows -)… moving fast… I want to spend the most time on the story delivery in the end… and in VR this is a whole new game.. So we shall see!

More later….

And please ignore my spelling and grammar these posts are for speed =)

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