Ok batching is not working….

I have two paths… A write my own combiner…. This would not be hard and maybe worth it. So I think I will go this route. I can make a level. Then I can run my code on it and combine it down to almost one batch. Then lightmap it and have my level. I am done wasting my time on Unity’s static batch command which does not work with dynamic levels like it should. You SHOULD be able to feed it a huge list of game objects and it spit out an array of game objects they were combined into. Not the case. So I will write some code that takes a level and combines a static tree into a few meshes. Then I will save that mesh into a roomX. The previous will be a roomX_proto. Then I will run my script on the level proto to make the roomX.. Then Lightmap the room. After that I am cake and can have the dynamic levels which I really need so 1 man can do this…. =)

More later..


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