The lists are getting smaller…

;)… About one page per test play. Balancing is going to take more time then I like I think… argh.. Today same thing.. play and list problems.. I fixed the store to only show items that are close to your level. It is far less confusing now.. I have intro scenes for levels now if there is a boss on the level. If not then you walk right in -).. Back to testing…

2 page list..

So I am at the point of unhooking from the dev platform walking to another room with pen and paper. I then play the systems and write down anything I do not like or feel needs work no matter what.. Then after I have a full list I come back and fix everything in the list before a single build is completed and played. This saves a TON of time and really adds a lot of polish. So that is what I will be doing today. That will be the process up until and through the release candidate stage. I will hopefully be adding more art assets soon for eye candy and when I do they will be shared here =)..

Back to work!

Really moving on

I am creating the 50 different setups that the zombies will have per the 50 levels. There will be random variations but they will still be appropriate to each level. I also have a goal of fixing the wall sliding when you collide with an edge. This should be easy but I have a simple problem in there somewhere. Or at least I hope it is simple =). Other then that I am running through the levels creating punch lists as I go. I believe tomorrow I will be to filling out the rest of the assets. Then the week after that sometime get to testing out the final game hopefully. I want it to be the best I can with the time I have. My time is drawing short though on this project. I need to be able to pay the bills. It would be nice to have all the time in the world to create at my leisure. However, this world really never allows that -)..

Coming to the final stretch


Today I will finish the audio for the quest manager as all the quests are spoken by assembled speech. After that I will go ahead and setup the base character skill points and get the save system turned on for final testing. So by the middle of the week I hope to have the whole baby ready for testing. As it is tested I will move to create the rest of the levels and bosses along with the story scenes.

Update: SO the fetid corpse has killed me 20 – 30 times today. … argh.. I am sticking nerf bats up arses right now and making sure the difficulty curve is correct along with tuning skills damage/cost/benefit. A long process but moving along well.. =)

Finishing the base tier and all gameplay..

Still finishing tier one sadly.. but I am adding polish that will carry down the tiers. I am actually just adding in story now along the design.. I expect tier one to be complete within days now.. then I just have to fill in assets and that goes really quick. That is a good thing because pressure is mounting to get it out the door as usual.


Things are pretty complete I am just dropping in the story for the story arc and adding to the automatic questing generation and story system that lay under the main story arc.

At its root level the quest manager decides the number of quests you have run and every few it will drop a story line quest. Then it will drop a generated quest. The quests are all spoken by piecing parts together and generating a spoken quest along with a written one.

Back to work.


Feeling the pressure to get – er – done. This always occurs at the end of a game project. The difference from the studios that live and die is putting that last push of polish time into the project. Sadly until the very end games can be very ugly and all the enormously difficult systems that are created in the begging and middle just are not appreciated as much as the spit shine in the end.

Today: I am going to finalize the store. I was having issues with some of the massive number of items. For example I have 10 handles x 10 mid hilts x 30 blade types number of just WEAPONS for the FIRST TIER. Which the stories, graphics, descriptions, and names are all generated from the descriptors of the items. They are built like this.


So you could have a
Angelic + Shining + Thirsting + Conquesting Axe + of Destruction
That would mean this item has
(+50% effect) + (+10 Agility) + (Steals Life) + (HEALTH REGEN) + (STEAL ENERGY)

Switch that angelic to Decrepid and you loose -75% of its stats. A very complex but easy to understand system lies beneath all that. The models and textures are decided by those names at the time of construction of the item or character.

Anyway I better get to work and stop typing here =).