Good News…

I think I have both issues resolved!.. The random gen can work now!.. I have to first use load level additive. Then I have to run through and make instances of the rooms in the right spot. Then enable them. After that I go through the entire heiarchy and store each static game object. and then send each through the static batcher!… sound fun right! =P… Well now to get from my test bed back to the room manager.!! more later!

The next step

I am once again going to attempt to get my level generater working with Unity. It will just save SO much time…. I have 5 rooms pretty muvh done. I need to add AI to them and the event items… First I need the level generator running so that will be my project for now…More later!

Room 4 Done!






I still have to go back through the rooms and set up the trigger-able events…. I want to get the story manager done first and I am REALLY hoping that my questions get answered on the random level gen…. I have questions on two forums. Now on to room 5 the final room before we get into the final stretch to a playable testable game. I want to get there and then start testing and evolving the game play with you all on this blog =)… More later!

Questions here:

And here:

On room 4

I am on to room 4 now… I only have 1 after that  for the first level to be constructed. I still want to create a room gen so I will look at one issue I thought of last night. That is after I have the assets ready to go. Then I will either get it running or build the level by hand. Aynwho more later… I am working nights again.. It is just hard to find time lately with select baseball and two kids playing baseball and a working wife also. =-)