Not blurry ;)

Current list of bugs until alpha:
— cannt heal with melee attack.. guessing all melee attacks might be broke in fps as it needs to select the closest enemy when attacking…
— not only visual but looping sound for taking over a minion…. breathing in human medic… panting in imp etc… gurling in Pus Bucket
— imp needs imp google view.
— check on screen transform if behind camera
— can walk through outside wall
— red screen and shake when in fps and get hit
— The phaser hit sounds need improvement.
— Imps are broken with the latest fixes
— Ai window needs to glow in at top..
— Your minions are starting with level 10 not 1
— ai units need to level up
— check all creates to be sure they destroy first!
— record escape and death sounds for ai
— record hit sounds for ai
— controls first person tweak


I also put in a “brething ” sound for each type.. it really adds a lot =).. really cool

I am adding stuff to the fps take over mode like buttons showing the cool down etc
I ll post more if I can later getting late


Getting better every hour I put in

Go get Em boys!!





This is what younger see right before you die as a medic 😉 then just go posses another 😉





New fps menu I still need a health bar for you when you posses a minion and run into a battle 😉

And I should get quite a bit of time the next 5 days… 😉

It’s cool seeing the real
Time shadows on the rock with the logo





Moving quickly when I get time


Update Gibs in… They act wonky and stick to why they hit but I don’t want to create a physical system beyond what I need right now 😉 I am happy with it back to the list!


Update: Back at it tonight…. I am adding in collision detecting gibs… so the body explosions throw off chunks of meat… that is a must =)..

Click for a larger image……Amazing this is on a PHONE!… wow.. I am amazed how far technology has come in such a short time!


Looking through (and playing remember you can take over anything you own in Cursed Realms) the helmet of human medic. It still needs tweaks but I like it. Soldiers have much better optics then medics.

I need to finish those control graphics soon they really ruin the screen shot…

Where I spend a ton of my time working on cursed realms at home 😉


Just need a fridge and a toilet for a seat

I put in a TON of after hours this week.

I would say I put tin a solid 20-30 hours this week on Cursed Realms after my 40hr a week day job =).. been BUSY!!! However, Cursed Realms is getting really rewarding to work on. Tonight and this weekend I want to add more life to the already lively characters… when they excape scream game over man game over… and other random things =)…This is going to be awesome!…

I think I have NAILED the combat now… ranged minions try to keep range and melee run and chase them into corners pounding them….

more later when I get to it after the day job =)

Systems coming online

The list is getting way smaller and the items way easier to add/fix


Now you press a minion sand in his access panel you can press on a walk able area and he will travel there before continuing with his tasks

Good for saving them from gut bomb corpse explosions

Man I love when systems you have no touched in forever just snap back into place!

Patrolling just turned back on and worked perfectly 😉




Getting a lot done lately!
The list is shrinking not growing finally

Probably not going to have fog of war for Alpha 1…. which I tell yall is getting really close…


Let there be loot! 😉

I am finally back to making mission one after a bunch of re factoring for awesomeness…I will post here as I go!.. Man this is getting good and I know I have said it before but alpha is getting closer and closer. Now I am starting to feel it =)..







This is getting good!

Zany blood will mess you up quick


Shhhhh behind you


Bigs can be funny … Poor dwarvenized medic 😉






I am also going to add a buff called Corpse Explode. The user corpses have a chance when hit of exploding and doing area effect damage if they get the chance roll….It is amazing how fast things are moving now!

Users will inject drugs during combat that given them the hasten effect as seen below in overdrive 😉 they get pretty damn quick after that 😉



Here is a central difference between Cursed Realms and Dungeon Keeper.



Characters in cursed realms are like any MMO or RPG. They have real stats that are buffed or added to with modifications to their bodies internaly. Below in my cut and paste notes are how combat will take place during a hit. First are the stats and a general description. Below that is what occurs in a strike. It should make for some good random and spontaneous game play with dodges, blocks, critical strikes, armor reduction, buff effects and triggers, etc. All of this happens on a pretty massive scale with LOADS of enemy AIs on screen. Back to the day job! More later tonight is a work night.

This is all cut and pasted from my online working docs.

Hit points.

Used to increase damage for ranged fighters AND melee and helps Criticals and chance of dodge.

Reduces damage to a max of 75% reduction.

Bonus damage to add to any hit.

Adds to melee damage and

How fast are they.

Get to hungry and stats drop along with mood. Stay hungry to long and you might have a berserk-er on your hands.

Same as hungry but rest needed in a house…

Helps in research and ranged attack damage

How good are they in your factories.

See Distance:
How far can they detect enemies.

Good or enemy

What level are they. This adds in armor and damage to those of higher level against lower level.

Combat Step by Step of an attack:

–. Attack occurs- Damage of X

— Chance to Block due to strength of Victim
Block Chance = 1% + Level Difference Critical increase + (Strength * 0.01)
(Max 10% chance)
Chance Attack pushes through due to Strength of Attacker
Cancel Block = Level Difference increase + (Strength * 0.005)

If successful damage is canceled.

— Chance to Dodge Due to Agility of Victim
Block Chance = 1% + Level Difference Critical increase + (Strength * 0.01)
(Max 10% chance)
Chance Attack pushes through due to Strength of Attacker
Cancel Dodge = Level Difference increase + (Aglity* 0.005)

If successful damage is canceled.

— Melee or Ranged
Melee: X += X * Strength and Agility are multiplied by their add number to add damage.
Ranged: X += X * Intelligence and Agility are multiplied by their add number to add damage.

— Paper, Rock Scissors Test for the Victim as each AI is a paper a rock or a scissor
Win : Drop damage by %
Loose: Add damage by %
Tie : Do nothing

— Get armor of victim.
Max armor of 1000
Armor of 100 reduces UP 10 % of damage
Reduction Roll is 50% reduction + 50% * ( strength * 0.01 ) + level difference * 0.1
Max reduce is 95%

–Critical hit chance.
CritChance = 1% + Level Difference Critical increase + (agility * 0.02)
(Max 15% chance)
Then the percentage is reduced by the victims Agility
CritChance -= Level Difference Critical increase + (agility * 0.005)

–Process Buffs
Push Damage through buffs of Attacker and modified or triggers a buff action.
Push Damage through buffs of Victim and modified or triggers a buff action.

Final damage is applied to AI

I need a time machine =)

Update: Had a pretty good night. I got about 2 hours of work in and got a ton done. I cleared a TON of the list. I need to continue battle testing the units in alpha as they need to be perfect. I basically want an equation where in normal combat situations corpses take 3 medics to kill. Imps take 2 hit from a corpse etc. And each type is a little better at something. Either speed, strength, agility, weapons, or spells. Anyway time for bed I have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow as I am trying to move my Brazilian Jujitsu mat time to mornings as nights I want to leave to Cursed Realms. =) More tomorrow in this little diary of a moonlighting dev…

Hard to find time lately with all sorts of things eating my time… The fence is finally done. Now I am still getting nick naks fixed up on my wifes SRT-8 and that takes time. My wife just started nights so I am a mini-support group for her. O and I have two nutty boys in jujitsu and baseball. So if you see a time machine for sale please point me to it =)..

I am combat testing the final time with the re-factored systems. Things are really getting better every minute I get to put in. It is just finding those minutes is the hard part =)…It will get done just when is the question and when it is content generation is so quick things will fly!…

Re factoring the weapons code.

Update: Working late at the day job stinks =/ TGIF!

I want this sucker to be highly expandable into a really large scale sandbox game beyond what it is now. So I am building for the future also. Once Cursed Realms is done it will be VERY easy to pump out fun different games. That requires me to do the grunt work early. I am going back through and re-factoring the weapons code and reducing the number of code paths needed for the data driven model. Boring stuff visually but systemically very exciting =)… more when I get time…

Just making it better as I go…

Update: I settled down on the zap effect and learned a lot about the engine and its design =)…getting things done as I get time… and time is hard to find lately with my house falling apart kids and jujitsu and main job and wife buying a new car and…. =P wooohooo!!!!



I am justplaying and making it prettier / cooler every step of the way.. I will try to get some shots of the new Zap up here soon…