Sorry I have been MIA.

The day job has had me working 16 hour days and will until Monday. Then I should get a lot of time to work on Cursed Realms I still think I can have a playable version in the next two weeks.

More later =)

Lots of changes going on =)




It is starting to come together. I have gold veins now spawning based on how long you went offline. They will spawn in full dirt or open dirt areas. I plan on other exciting things happening like events like user invasions that every base will feel based on level. Log in work on base.. uh o user invasion… or atlantian invasion… or demonic invasion … or Angelic invasion based on level. Looking really good and feeling a lot better with this new faster play model. Faster play on faster to go devices is the way to go!

More when I get time.

And yes I see the misspelling lol =)

O and I forgot to mention I have the Queue system working now.