Been working on ME2 =)

I have a new true database system in that works off of spreadsheets. So much more professional then what I was using. It was an old remenant of Necromancer rising lol. Time to kick that to the curb! Here is a shot of items that loaded their data from the database and constructed themself from 3 pieces. Good stuff!

More later!


Working Saturday!

FINALLY got the VR controller and my custom hand model working in unity… Really it was more unity and getting the animator to obey and use my time steps for the animation. The thumb was a tricky one. It is a poll once and then remember thing. You cannot keep asking it if it is down. You have to store it is down on the pad. Then check to see if it is released. The fingers were easy. A simple float value that I can just apply to the full animation of the hand. The hand has 3 additive layers of animation. The thumb, Index, and rest of the fingers. Then anim.Play(“graspindex”, 1, indexTrigger * 0.9999f); is used. The 0.999f is there because if it reaches the end of the animation it automatically resets. Thus a magic number to never let the 0-1 value complete all the way. The value is a normalized value of the entire animation from what I have seen.

Ok next step!… while I am making home made cheddar cheese lol… I get on weird kicks.. Cheese is the new thing after I feel I have mastered Ribs, Steak, Brisket, and really any BBQ. So a hard challenge is for sure cheddar cheese lol takes all day. A good thing for breaks while working on ME2…

See below the fully functional deathstar… or hand I mean…


The next step hopefully will not be to bad… (famous last words).. I now need to track the hand in 3D… then repeat all this for the other hand. After that I start to move over ME2.0 assets to ME2.1 assets! =)… Moving along and I will be working as hard as I can on this. Its not to bad I have a desk set up in front of my big screen while I watch football and netflix =P….

More later!

Update: Well the hand movement is done… that was a little too easy wow took a few minutes to tie it to a pre made anchor and presto chango my hand movementis done! Next is duplicating it for the right hand….. then I will bring the item manufacturing system over =)…. good stuff!

Remaking the workstation tonight

No real coding tonight or art. I had to rebuild my corner in the house. Where I hear the family watch tv while I make cool stuff. I have a nice new small desk for the new Scar latop with a geforce 1070 in it and the VR gear fits. I will get a monitor tomorrow. I need at least 2 screens. So the workstation is up and ready to roll tomorrow and this weekend its on!… So far things have been smooth and the examples of working with oculous VR have been good. The documentation is lacking so far. However, I have just begun we shall see!….. More tomorrow.

Glad to be back in the saddle!

Thanks for visiting… I cannot wait to see what is going to come of this… I have been coding the whole time so hopefully it translates to even a better ME2…..

P.S… I lied… working on the VR hand stuff…. lol

Wow quick progress!…

I made a test hand.. then implemented the rift touch and I have a moving finger using the trigger!! … That went FAST…

I know its not much… but now I just need to get my gloves and make them look pretty and then attach them to the positional information of the VR touch sensors… so far its FLYING…

I did not even know the touch sensors are a float 0.0-1.0 lol until I started coding for them…


Ok need some rest before bed back at it tomorrow!..
Tomorrow I hope to have the positional information done. Then I will get some nice hands in after they feel right… after that Item assembly conversion…
I have a ton of content to convert… and get back to finishing the storyline lol there is already a TON…

It has begun!


That is a Mission Europa 2 item … in VR with me holding it =)…. exciting… and easy so far… now to migrate gigs of data slowly and selectively….

Time to get some paper out and plan this….

VR Mission Europa….. droooolll I cannot wait to experience my little creation in virtual reality.

Soo I need to first make a little play pen and decide what I want to do… I love the ripping and grappling in Robo recall but I am not sure that would work with a sword and shield or other weapons in your hands… the magic could do fun things like that… any ideas are welcome. If you have tried Robo Recall you will see what I mean.. I do believe I am going with a full walking mode not the warp they do. I know after getting used to VR you can play for hours… at first vertigo is an issue but it goes away…

So first I am going to get the item assembler back together and then have it attach to custom game hands. I will have to update some assets to match the current level of games. I need to add a full set of fully deform able gloves to the game. Not hard just takes some time. The weapons still look really good and will work. I will need to work out a new AI system which is fine. I was not the biggest fan of RAIN AI. Its behavior trees were nice. However, I can make my own that suite my needs better. AI will be later, first I need to get down what I want. My first test bed will be just item assembly into the new gloves. Once I get that done I will move to texture assembly. I have all these tools created I just need to move them over and modify them a little. Then I will start the play pen with just a character rig to beat up on and figure out what I like. Do I want to grab them? And who all can I grab? Not bosses or mini bosses.. minions?floaters? .. I also want mine to be bloody. Will Oculus allow this?

I do think I will go with grabbing at close range. I would love to grab one and hack its head off with a sword. I already have limb removal code in the older ME2 version.

SO before I even get to hacking and shooting I need to get a glove working and a sword in my test bed app. Once pretty I will expert to me clean ME2.1 build. I plan on doing this with all experiments and not branching. (as much as I can) If some system is like a tree with huge roots into the code then I will make a copy this time and then delete it after moving over the new parts. The old ME2 got crowded with prefabs scripts etc that were not used but maybe referenced. Got really nasty. I also bought things that fowled up the code with code that was not efficient or very clean. Not making that mistake again.

Anywho enough type type type.. off to work!

Gloves First!

Restarting Development Finally

After a long hiatus after some life and work events I am glad to announce the reboot of Mission Europa 2. I have started a new project in Unity and will be migrating the old build of ME2 over to the newest features of unity. One of the biggest changes is the first release of ME2 will be for VR. I am a huge fan and I really want to see this very unique universe in VR. After that release a reworking of the UI I plan on release on other devices in order of popularity.

So it has begun and I will be posting here for anyone left to see where it stands!

Thanks for hanging in there… it is time!