Working it today!

Update wow what a ton of work that was but it’s mostly there I still need the functionality to pick the minions and mods but that’s the easy part 😉 more later…. it’s getting late here not sure how much more I have in me 😉


I expect to have the character selection screen done soon. That is where you choose who you are bringing into battle. Then you also apply up to one modification technology or affliction each minion. (Imps get none but you can cast spells and buffs on them.)

More later! Hopefully a screenshot of the finished screen soon!

On to the character choice menus

As you pick and modify your minions prior to combat I have to make the menus you use to choose. They are listed here.

As I get them in I will post. After that all I have left is level 1 scripting and the cut scenes!… getting really close. Now if I could just find more after work time to finish! This weekend should be a REALLY good work weekend.

More later.

Today I link the menus together

Update: menus wired.. music in… and picked… My wife said holly s@!# that is getting good… AWESOME! Now to the character menu and level 1…Sweet!.. The most amazing thing is now I am creating almost entirely in the game on my phone!

Today I link the menus together and lock them down so you must navigate them properly and not wander around the 3D scene =)… I will have some good pics to post soon of me creating and playing level 1 prepping for Alpha!…

I do have one major item left in assembling your minions and the screen for that. It may take a few days but all that is really left after the minion screen is making level 1 as good as I can before I get the Alpha team together. Good stuff!

Here is where the title screen is.


Yesterday was a day off

Update 3:
Awesome title screen done minus audio..

Fades into a nice fun earth

Then flash….

The earth is now a harsh place to survive..

Update 2: Pretty amazing what you can do with the engine now… Here is how the IMO would see the exact same title screen 😉



Update 1:

Here is when i moved the text to the menu tender layer

But today it’s on 😉

Here os the first addition of the falling asteroids and bodies 😉 a little bit much but coming a


I’ll try to upload the other pics as I went today as time permits 😉


Evolution of a title screen

I am creating the title screen now and will update as I go… first it starts with this..


And some photoshop baby


And as I go I will keep adding the steps… the next one is getting it on the iPad and seeing all the items working with the shaders =)

Update: First time totally in game. Now time to tweak. I started first with a vision of what I want in the game then here we are with a first start in game. I want the sun with the arms of energy bigger. the back ground star field to dim towards the star. The earth to be more round. I still want to have arcs of blue flowing energy around the earth. Bodies as if from space ships floating from behind you towards earth. Maybe some ship debris also. I also want explosions under a cloud layer on earth as if war is ravaging the planet as it is in Cursed Realms… a hard place to stay alive.

(As Always Click For A HUGE version)


Next update I will have major tweaks in. =)

update here is where the title screen stands those steams are flowing towards you