Tank will be don and in tonight

Update: I think I am happy with this little unit..

Update: Getting the color map done on the tank.. Still a ways to go… specular needs work and some other items… I like the form though a good tribute to Metal Slug… It will be fun to follow this guy as I finish him… he is about 50% now


Busy weekend as usual. However, the tank is
Modeled I need to finish its textures and effects. More later tonight when I get back to it. I will finally get some major work time this week on wens or thursday. I full work day even! 😉

Happy Monday


Here is the tank I am working on. I hope to be done in a few hours I still need to get all the textures sorted. I still need to create the human soldier from the medic one. That should not take to long as I have the medic. Music pumping and work going on =).. I like Nero.. interesting music.

Midnight Oil…

Update :
Ok calling it .. tired…

Texture coords setup for painting… I love it so far…

Update: Had a wild night with an old friend showing up at the door. But I did get this done…


Update: Almost time to head home and get to work. Tonight I get to make some art happen. I need to create the factory tile and functionality. I think it might take an hour or so for both. Then I get to make the Mini tank -)… MY idea is to create one like you see in Metal Slug =)

I love that little guy. I will have to sacrifice some detail for polys but not to much -=)..


The training tile… when training points are available it is lit up like this =)…

More tonight…

Gameplay Gameplay Gameplay….


I have the overseer or helpers voice settings in audacity… I love it..




Not bad for my stupid butt in a corner in my bedroom =P

The original dungeon keeper voice actor (Richard Ridings who is AWESOME at what he does):


Just beating the list down with every spare moment I get.

Without power or after use these are Research nodes.

Then Filled with energy and research nodes on. This set is ready for use.

And imp doing research:

Then working until hungry =)

More later as I get time…

And the restore effect when they are regenerating power.


Update (Working hard tonight!)
Wow feeling good now here is more of the design dock done. This is the research tree as it sits.

Here is the characater getting a path =)

I have the AI control menus done. I will be working the list tonight. I really do not see to much more I will be adding to that list. I almost call that my final alpha list plus or minus a little…

More later when I get to the second job =)

The List:

Getting a lot done finally…

It truly is amazing how much work it takes to get a game to market that has a good amount of depth.

The systems really are getting good. I now have the ability to list the weapons out and choose them. IF you have researched the power up for the level then you can choose the upgraded weapon. I plan on heading down the list still and then finally getting back to making level 1 or the Alpha level… I sure wish this was my day job and could be that stable as I would have finished 2 games by now =)…

TGIF!!!! more when I get to it.

HUGE wiki update

Update: Revised Intro:
“The earth is not as you know it. An unknown and impossible event has ripped reality to shreds releasing immeasurable amounts of energy. The eruption tore the souls out of billions of human beings on this side and trillions of alien souls in the newly joined universes. Instantly cities imploded souls screamed went silent and were delivered to an unknown location. On every horizon threads of energy flow from the torn fabric we once called reality. The year is 2313 and life is impossible now. A wasteland of wandering atrociousness roam the land. The last of the human race is learning to survive. Humans now depend on sacrificing the best minds into a cyborg AI Husk to provide the shield needed against the powers aligned against them. Bloody robotic creations crawl from the North, powerful drug peddling aliens move in from the south, Atlantis has emerged in glory to the east, the maws of hell have opened spewing Hell’s suffering wide to the west, and over us all hovering in space the gates of heaven closed tight. Nothing is known beyond these regions as humans have been pushed to what was the central plains of the united states just trying to survive…”



I have heavily updated the wiki to reflect the new design changes. I am going to be moving the new and improved story arc in there soon. I refuse to proceed without the design done as I have learned the absolute torture that can ensue without solid design before pages of code and assets have blood sweat and tears poured int them. More later… Day job for now =)

I will be tearing back into Cursed Realms today finally. The day job had me in Boston, Providence RI and warwick RI. LONG trip and a 6 hour screaming out of control 3 year old later I am back. Time to get the weapons switching and allowances working. I think the best mode is to let weapons be researched in a level to allow them to be upgraded so that is the current path. Then they will be unlocked and able to be se per minion and used while in first person. More later …


I am trying to decide how I want to work the weapons load out…The orginal plan I think I will stick with. Before each level there will be a cut scene then you go into weapons load out and mods area. You pick three classes you want to bring to battle with you. (imp is always there). Then you choose the mods you have researched before to apply to minions. One per minion. I then after that had it planned to load out the weapons of each character (not imps). For example you may choose a human medic for healing or research. A user medic or human soldier for attacking. And a user pus bucket for a tank. Weapons are class specific. IE a user medic will have a user gun that also infuses drugs. And you could choose a pulse rifle or ballistic rifle etc…

Anyway a bunch to think on as I go on a day job business trip to Boston. Lets pray I get some work time on Cursed realms also =)

Happy Monday!

Food Done… Homes Done…

Update: got the buttons for all th jobs settings done art wise now time for a date with my wonderful hot wife =)…

Update: got research done except for the aspect of what you are researching on to setting jobs for minions =)

Here is the research node as it has been revised.

//// whole thing

//// a close up of the computer screen effect.. those textures are sliding and I may make them pulse later… really easy to do.. =)

Now Research, Factories, training and Treasury. I also need to add in stats display when you click on a minion. The ai also needs to be able to be set to a mode, Fight/Defense, Fight/Offense, Research, Train, Build, Construct. Some are better at things but this really opens up strategy =).. want to research qucikly stop building and move all assets to research etc. Anyway back to work… then the fun work tonight =)…


Self sufficient =) food and homes ready to roll….

Update: Looking good…the base mechanics are there! .. now to keep going… here is the imp resting after some hard work…

there are sparkles surrounding him while the nanites work…

Home Creation Effect:

Update: I got in some pretty nice effects for home creation, eating, food nodes that are full, I want to add some nice random effects for just random nodes. I also want the game engine to pick a random node and if it is a chasm or some special type it will drop a nifty effect there like dust coming up etc. I want to bring the levels to life with constant action beyond just the combat and construction =)….more later tonight is looking good for working on C.R.

Here is the effect.. looks a lot better in motion (not worth a video upload though)

Green sparkles rise from the food zone =)

Looks nice almost time for home and work! =)

I am creating gameplay soley lately which is pretty nice =). I am rarely working on core engine features which means things are nearing the end of the primary dev cycle finally!… This would be a 6 moth project if I was full time on it for sure but since I need to pay the bills with a day job it has been over a year now since I started with a new blank page. I believe with this engine design I will never have to do that again. The modularity of this design means I can make any type of game quickly and not have specialized code spread out all over the engine.

The targets now are to get the minions building homes today. They will need a home first thing and will hunt for a open home node. After that they will do their normal duties. Imps will dig and convert medics will fight or research etc… After the homes are done I want to get the building stuff in. IE pick a wall and have an imp convert it to stone or steel. place a door so an imp will build it etc.

More later day job for now!

Day job woes…

I have a project at work that has been kicking my tail the last few days but should be wrapping today thank goodness… over promised by someone who has no idea what they were agreeing to.. again =)…

When I get home I will try to post some game stuff as I go =)… if I survive this project…

… got about an hour in tonight. just amazing how I think I will ge timt to work then the day job eats it up…..annoying….

Adding in gameplay as I go =)

Things are going nicely when I find time to squeeze some work out =)… I am not sure I have ever been this busy in my life =)…

I got into the day job 2 hours early so hopefully I can get off at a normal time to get some work done.

In game now:
Food tiles will build and store food to a level. When an AI eats from the trough it will empty. Thus if you do not have enough he will have to travel to another tile. Planning will be very important in your defenses and offenses. I also force the AI to pick their very own tile to live on. Once they move in the tile gets a glowing box where high tech devices repair their body’s at a faster rate and allow power napping (I could use one of those machines =))

More later when I get to it… Happy Tuesday…

Nothing pretty to post tonight… got a lot working though.. now food nodes show they have food and remove the effect when they are drained by an AI… more tomorrow… I need a time machine…

Saturday Fun Time

All work no play makes Cursed Realms happen =)

Food and home tiles here with a waterfall in the distance…It really is starting to get a very different look from most games just the way I like it!

Effect when imp digs an area out!

Really is coming together faster every day =)

imp eating

More as I get it done =)


I need to fix a problem I found in the batch collapsing code that I introduced when I added in some model render pass features. The batch collapsing process need to be upgraded in intelligence to recognize differences in models and make a separate collapse list =)…

More later…



Got some more effects and emoticons in tonight. It is coming together and getting more impressive every day -=)… I wish it was my day job but o well.. Got to pay the bills somehow…About time to crash…

After a great 4 days off and 3 days of driving I am back at it. I hope to get lots of dev time the next week or so. Lets hope we can get to an alpha soon. Time has just not been available lately. I will be working on the THE LIST every day with as much time as I can muster =)… Happy Thursday!