Tank will be don and in tonight

Update: I think I am happy with this little unit..

Update: Getting the color map done on the tank.. Still a ways to go… specular needs work and some other items… I like the form though a good tribute to Metal Slug… It will be fun to follow this guy as I finish him… he is about 50% now


Busy weekend as usual. However, the tank is
Modeled I need to finish its textures and effects. More later tonight when I get back to it. I will finally get some major work time this week on wens or thursday. I full work day even! 😉

Happy Monday


Here is the tank I am working on. I hope to be done in a few hours I still need to get all the textures sorted. I still need to create the human soldier from the medic one. That should not take to long as I have the medic. Music pumping and work going on =).. I like Nero.. interesting music.

Midnight Oil…

Update :
Ok calling it .. tired…

Texture coords setup for painting… I love it so far…

Update: Had a wild night with an old friend showing up at the door. But I did get this done…


Update: Almost time to head home and get to work. Tonight I get to make some art happen. I need to create the factory tile and functionality. I think it might take an hour or so for both. Then I get to make the Mini tank -)… MY idea is to create one like you see in Metal Slug =)

I love that little guy. I will have to sacrifice some detail for polys but not to much -=)..


The training tile… when training points are available it is lit up like this =)…

More tonight…

Gameplay Gameplay Gameplay….


I have the overseer or helpers voice settings in audacity… I love it..




Not bad for my stupid butt in a corner in my bedroom =P

The original dungeon keeper voice actor (Richard Ridings who is AWESOME at what he does):


Just beating the list down with every spare moment I get.

Without power or after use these are Research nodes.

Then Filled with energy and research nodes on. This set is ready for use.

And imp doing research:

Then working until hungry =)

More later as I get time…

And the restore effect when they are regenerating power.


Update (Working hard tonight!)
Wow feeling good now here is more of the design dock done. This is the research tree as it sits.

Here is the characater getting a path =)

I have the AI control menus done. I will be working the list tonight. I really do not see to much more I will be adding to that list. I almost call that my final alpha list plus or minus a little…

More later when I get to the second job =)

The List: