Here are just some of the weapons

Here are just some of the weapons on JUST THE FIRST 10 LEVELS… and this does not include the ABILITIES that act as weapons to!

Again it is in HD so double click the video and at youtubes site choose 720 for the resolution 😉

Working IT! =)

Update 0: Getting some time at work to put in some M.E. time -=)… I have the AI moving chasing shooting using all the brains I have in a bucket for it. So now I AM FINALLY ON TO GAMEPLAY! .. Woot!.. I am going to place in the rest of the tier0 weapons. Place in the new AI level data. Then finally move on to the quest manager and gameplay. I think I will have a fully playable tier0 within 2 weeks.. 😉

Really moving.. but an ENORMOUS amount left 😉

After Mission Europa I will have one HELL of a powerful engine to generate great games at a great pace.. and really tell some awesome stories =).

If you missed the HD video here it is.. click the link then switch to at least 720 p to view it in HD the first HD video for Mission Europa..=)…

Today I am working on AI. I have to extend it to all the rooms. It is working great I just have to implement it with local coordinate systems to the rooms .. should be a breeze =)

I want a ….


Update 4: I am uploading a HD version with audio.. tired of messing with youtube and its crappy compression in the SD versions…

Processing now

Update 3: Big video uploading to Youtube.. Exciting! =).. it shows the weapons system working and the AWESOME menu systems =)… RAWR!

Youtube has some CRAPPY compression.. but you can get the idea =)


Update: ARGH!!!! I just wasted hour on a missed break in a switch.. and a fall through… 😉

o man … glad that is over video soon now..

Update: I should have a video of ME out in a few hours..

Smith and Wesson 500 magnum…. search for this…. its awesome… =)

Well I was going to put a dev movie up but the fx did not look good enough so when they do! =)
I do think within 3 weeks I could have a alpha getting together =)

Started work at 5:30 am!

Update 1: I will try to get a video of the phaser working today.. After I get it done I will replicate and change it for the rest of the weapons. I had to make it to where you can bend up and down when you look up and down. Necro was on a plane and M.E. is all up and down everywhere. For now.. the day job strikes again 😉

I wanted to try working in the morning more and less at night. A good thing since my wife is in nursing school and waking me up as she is leaving so early.

I am cleaning things up and adding in weapons trying to get to a playable game =-)… soon soon I hope …


Final duel wield done! =) with FX =)

and the crappy Youtube version

Apple is giving me an expedited review for update 5.0..

Here is to hoping I got it all right this time.. =)

Back to work!

Answer to a post on TouchArcade that maybe interesting …or not 😉

EXPEDITED REVIEW GRANTED! SO hopefully it will be out soon =)..

The question was as far as teams…

“As far as teams.. the income of these guys is SO bad it could not afford a team really for the scope of games I want to make… stick fighter 5.0 would take a month at most to make so you can do a team as you can make 12 games a year…of course your competition at that level (99 cent ocean of apps) is a lot higher.

I have tried 5 other times in my game making career, in the industry and out, to make games with a team of guys beyond working in the industry another words after hours.. and so far all did not make it to finality.. sadly… most of the time it started out with a fire.. then about half way through I was doing 65%-75% of the work. Mainly because others would hit crunch times and make it really hard to proceed..then the main jobs would squelch the fire they started with..

My tech is at a level now I feel I can really start to be asset only soon and really just create story after story to play and live..

The multiplayer stuff is the LAST major enhancement I need to create for my tech I need to concentrate on and build… M.E. will be the first with a battlenet type system..the future is mmo in the vein of guild wars….ie public areas and fighting zones.”