i got a little done last night

Tonight is finally a free night. My wifey will be home to help with kids 😉 When shes gone its hard to get stuff done as i need daddy time also 😉 anyone have a time machine?

Anyway its getting a lot better i am finally defeating the corpses as seen in this dead mofo


definately more tonight 😉

working on mass combat 😉


A little AI issue…

I need to find a way to get the AI not to chase the same job but not increase the memory usage at all. Not a big deal I just need time to figure it out in the system. Tonight more work!… It is getting better and more streamlined everyday I cannot wait to get alpha in the hands of the testers =)… more tonight!

saldy no work tonight i had a new part for the jeep come in


i can really feel the difference in her now. big increase and only an hour of work and a long test ride 😉

now i am dead tired from the catch up work day so i am resting tonight. tomorrow its on though 😉


Holidays = time I actually get to pretend I am working on Cursed Realms full time =)… Ok back to work!… I will post as I go when I get chances…

Working =)

First five minutes are almost done =)

It will go faster and faster =)

Wow… finding lots to fix now that the game is fully up and running level ones first 5 minutes =)

Mee getting my butt kicked =)


So …. my son is so impressed with the hair-brain or whatever ghost haunts mine craft… I think it is the unknown nature and finding out how to summon him. Soooo. how about cursed realms has 4 blocks…. the user can create these in the factory and place them in a circle. or box and certain patterns will summon ONCE per level a bad ass to fight … winning gains a special from just that guy… That should not take very long and could be placed in during alpha testing … The patterns will be my secret until someone figures them out and shares… Good idea? Bad Idea? do something else =P….

Back to work!…

For the first time in the history of Cursed Realms I did not have to do a CODE check in. Just update to the web server the level work I did. That is HUGE…. another words… I just worked in engine tonight to make level one… Big milestone… And time for bed.. the day job is requiring a lot of me lately and paying the mortgage is very important…. Night all…

More tomorrow…

Things are going very well!

My current goal is to get the first five minutes of gameplay working then extend that to the rest of level 1. Currently I am well on my way! These tools I invested so much time in are REALLY paying off. More time invested in the beginning of the project are paying off in 4x-10x increase in speed in the end. I will post some pics tomorrow as I work. Currnetly I am scripting up the tutorial intro part. I already have a trigger script in that freezes all ai shows a cut scene introducing the animated corpses and watching them start in your direction =).. good stuff!

More when I get time most probably tomorrow l:)