i got a little done last night

Tonight is finally a free night. My wifey will be home to help with kids 😉 When shes gone its hard to get stuff done as i need daddy time also 😉 anyone have a time machine?

Anyway its getting a lot better i am finally defeating the corpses as seen in this dead mofo


definately more tonight 😉

working on mass combat 😉


A little AI issue…

I need to find a way to get the AI not to chase the same job but not increase the memory usage at all. Not a big deal I just need time to figure it out in the system. Tonight more work!… It is getting better and more streamlined everyday I cannot wait to get alpha in the hands of the testers =)… more tonight!

saldy no work tonight i had a new part for the jeep come in


i can really feel the difference in her now. big increase and only an hour of work and a long test ride 😉

now i am dead tired from the catch up work day so i am resting tonight. tomorrow its on though 😉


Holidays = time I actually get to pretend I am working on Cursed Realms full time =)… Ok back to work!… I will post as I go when I get chances…

Working =)

First five minutes are almost done =)

It will go faster and faster =)

Wow… finding lots to fix now that the game is fully up and running level ones first 5 minutes =)

Mee getting my butt kicked =)


So …. my son is so impressed with the hair-brain or whatever ghost haunts mine craft… I think it is the unknown nature and finding out how to summon him. Soooo. how about cursed realms has 4 blocks…. the user can create these in the factory and place them in a circle. or box and certain patterns will summon ONCE per level a bad ass to fight … winning gains a special from just that guy… That should not take very long and could be placed in during alpha testing … The patterns will be my secret until someone figures them out and shares… Good idea? Bad Idea? do something else =P….

Back to work!…

For the first time in the history of Cursed Realms I did not have to do a CODE check in. Just update to the web server the level work I did. That is HUGE…. another words… I just worked in engine tonight to make level one… Big milestone… And time for bed.. the day job is requiring a lot of me lately and paying the mortgage is very important…. Night all…

More tomorrow…

Things are going very well!

My current goal is to get the first five minutes of gameplay working then extend that to the rest of level 1. Currently I am well on my way! These tools I invested so much time in are REALLY paying off. More time invested in the beginning of the project are paying off in 4x-10x increase in speed in the end. I will post some pics tomorrow as I work. Currnetly I am scripting up the tutorial intro part. I already have a trigger script in that freezes all ai shows a cut scene introducing the animated corpses and watching them start in your direction =).. good stuff!

More when I get time most probably tomorrow l:)

Building level one

Man this is getting good =)…. I am playing and building level one completely n ow no start overs. Tonight I plan on working on the triggered events =)… good stuff and quite a different game.. Lets hope the difference pays off =)


Click for a much bigger image this is from my ipad 3… and yes I got screwed by apple buying the 3 not waiting for the 4 =)….

More when I get a break =)


Final animations for the Animated user Corpse

Cool stuff! I completed the zombie in a few hours. Sadly football ate my life this weekend.. The cowboys defense won a game and the Fightin Texas Aggies BEAT NUMBER 1 WHOOOP!… Tonight I place the animated corpses in level one and continue forward towards alpha (I know it has been forever but it has to be right and this is an after hours secondary job as apps just do not pay the bills even if you win top awards =)…)

Soon Soon… alpha..I am trying hard!

Happy Monday!

Here is a video of his animations in my test setup….

Here is where Zangblood appears

Click on the image to enlarge it…;)


Can you tell alpha is getting closer? 😉




O and my wife bought my jeep new shoes 😉

Looking through the eyes of user corpse 😉 they do not see so well


Update….zzzzzzzzzzzzz night night more tomorrow… the list sure is getting short =)…

Time me =P

Putting in a corpse like zombie like almost dead user for level one. Lets see how fast I can get a character from in my head to in the game starting at 10cst =)…. more later I will post as I work..




30 minutes in…

NOW TO ANIMATE =)… more later…



53 minutes in now


75 minutes in … I like it not bad.. That means the processes are pretty tight to get a character in the game =)… more to come I still need to do the death animation. Then I need to get it all wired up in game and with an attack effect. Then to test the corpse out.. =)..

start the clock cagain at 4 cst… I had to do some errands to say alive like food =)…. Now back at it.

I am working on the death animation. Then in game he goes…

O and I may go a little slower watching my Precious Fighting Texas Aggies Play Alabma GIG EM



First try a little off but total 2 hours to this point with many distractions .. Not bad!



Intro to how the tools work! \=)

Here is how the editor works…

Here is the base editor menu. You can see the main editing buttons below. The command line in the top right. And the scene graph under that. Double tap to proceed down a level. Then below that is the library or dictionary as I call it where all items are stored. You create something by finding what you want and then pressing MR to place it on the render graph,ME for effects and MU for strictly updates.

If you want to edit something like a script after you have placed it you can choose it in the scene graph then press BIG and the edit window opens as above. You can then edit it and save it. The scripts run commands you can get a list of by typing ? and done in the command line.

More later when I get it!..

Awe… This is me possesing an imp without his bad eyes and looking at my shadow =)

And the visibility culling at work you see where the
Fog takes over and then no more drawing after that. I also cull by a camera frustum to get everything else. The nodes under a visibility cull node decide it’s volume and then if it is visible. With the batch collapsing I can get a view to 1 render call if it is all dirt… and even with a complex scene I can get batches down to the upper 30s. I love this little engine that can…


Full day of work!!!

Yay… kids sports are finally over! (I will miss it a bit but now I can finally get a lot done on the weekends)….

AS I work I will post some images.

Goals today are to get in spacial triggers so when your minions or ai in general walk into an area I can signal the event monitoring system. I need to make them easy to create also.

I also want to add the functionality as to when you have the editing menu up blocked areas and open areas show along with showing triggers by lines. Anyway off to work! I need to get this game done!

Nothing to take pics of yet but all the main goals have been completed for the day now back to the list…

Updated the map:

I am trying to complete the northern part of the map first….. sometimes I have to start over as I find a bug as I construct it or I need to add something to the code base. So this is a time consuming but needed job to be done.

More later…