Just a matter of time =)

Adding stuff! Making Prettier as I get time! =)

Working after hours stinks =) ..I would be done with 2 games by now =)..

However, I am now to tweakage and adding interesting gameplay items!! For episode 1 =)..

Look out its friendly replicant scientist and soldiers… the enemy does not seem to have a taste for their flesh.. 😉

Could use some Minion names… =)

Update: All of Orion in!… Now I have to make a clipboard for the scientist.. after all what self respecting scientist doesn’t have a clipboard! =P..
The next step is to go through and be sure all the bad guys have the right skill sets and weapons. I need to add some new behaviors also. THEN play testing and combat balancing/leveling. When that feels complete I will fix the website and stat tracking. Then off to you guys! =)

Update: Here is the last boss for Episode 1 =).. the Marine Captain… Or what is left of him. 😉
IGNORE the attacks and weapons… I just got him in … now to go through all bosses and adjust their gameplay =)..

Update : Good stuff I am down to creating port orion. Then I will get into my Tweak runs… playing all the quests again and tweaking levels/abilities/bosses…. =)… this puppy is starting to roar… =)..

Update: BOO… I am not sure that weapon is finaly btw.. I still have to go through and add a BUNCH of abilities to the bosses =)

Update Level 7 you can beat on me =-).. my face is on the Scientist that has been “converted”.. =)

Update: Level 6 boss…. Good luck! =P

Update: Wow.. 10 views on the movie =O … hehe.. another movie coming of the big boss on level 6.. firing homing missiles and lightning at you -)

I thought I would just show a little of the new stuff… Level 4 boss and what not.. it is in debug mode so I hit like a 10 ton hammer and all the quest items are in the first room =)…Anyway WHACK!!!!!
Long way to go but getting there =)
-303012031031.0 pts
Here is a direct download for the best quality… (I scaled it up a bunch so it is pixelated however it is designed for 420-380 not 1200×700 =)…)

Scope it out pass it around I would love to have more people involved =)

YouTube Link:

Think flesh bots … nasty things..

I need 5 per level 2 levels are named up.. so 40 names needed =P.. at least 2 flying and 2 walking per level…
Starting as trash and building to full blow strong bots on level 9 \=)

Traps are in watch your step \=)….

Done up to level 3 in testing every quests and adding fun stuff. My progress is not linear so I can still not make a judgement on when Episode 1 will be Beta material… (without arena) … while y’all test beta ep1 I will work on Arena =) and unpn

So right now I have traps glimmer very faintly every now and then. If you get close you hear a sound and have 1 second to get away. Should I not have them glimmer at all?

Traps start on level 3 now btw =)

Fun stuff!

Saturday work time!

Update: Stat balancing. Starting now the weapons all go by level also.. a level 2 Flame thrower will out do a level 1 flame thrower… etc.

Still going.. start of school so things are a bit hectic.. =).. I can’t give a date yet on Ep.1 Beta.. It is moving along well though.. No

No major bumps to speak of.. I am adding some really fun stuff ;).. I love the chain rage combo.. =)

Of course I will posting here as I go =)..

1. Test
2. Play
3. Add interesting things.
4. Find and fix issues…
5. Test every quest…

On the path to beta -=)


Here is rage going off.. You will get a low level rage as the second quest reward now.. =).. Chain comes quickly also.. gather more chips to make them more powerful =)…

IT HAS A 1% chance of going off (during an attack) when you first get it =).. As you add points that goes up..

Here is a video..

Here is Chain.. on a hit you have a chance to go into chain mode… (the chances are over exagerated here just to show you) Chain mode means ANY attack you are using increases by 50% for 3 seconds.. ;)… fun stuff!..You could hit a chain and rage for some real fun.. Chain is found on a level 4 quest…
Here is video of chain…(notice the speed up in the swing)

Firebase Port Orion….

Update2: Just plowing along.. I am coding the quests now. Adding flare to the levels and quests. Also creating puzzles and the like for some of the quests.. not to many because they annoy me in mainly action games =P…

Update: I had some time to use my phone and read.. I found Code Monkey’s MIT release of port mapper. Pretty nice of them. It is a upnp setup to open firewall ports!.. so multiplayer should be MUCH easier now then the method I was attempting.. So after I get episode 1 to beta Arena should be easy to wrap up… =)

Here is a video of the last room in port Orion Where you find Dr. Sierra. Here she is typing away feverishly…. o look … the code…. .hmmm… 😉 a little tip of the hat to the dedicated testers posting on the blog -)

I JUST uploaded it at 3:45 cst so it may take a while to show but its there -)

I think it is at least comparable to that rage demo… 😉

OK sister is here.. I am off to the pool!.. its over 100 degrees in Texas I LOVE IT!!!.. swim time!

Progress Report…

I have all the rooms done for 0-10 levels… I am now adding in the enemy parts ( they are constructed in real time from the parts I feed the ghoul generator ). I then will finally get to the quests cut scenes.. After that it is play testing time =).. moving along just need time ;).. My sister is coming in with my new niece this weekend so not to much work expected. However, I am way ahead of where I thought I would be… =)..

New gameplay aspects…

I am going to add a few new abilities when I finish Orion…

Skills: (You will earn quickly from quests level 1)
Again earning more chips of a skill can increase the level. I think it is 4 chips per level right now.. I will have to look.. =)

Rage Mode: Slot this in an action bar and if you take a certain amount of damage you may enter rage mode. This is a buff where your damage increases significantly..

Chain Mode: Get several hits in close succession and you enter this mode that increases the refire rate of all abilities..

Death Mode: When you are at 15% health enter rage mode… then you have a chance of entering death mode… where your damage increases even more…

Another room done…

Update: BURN THAT MIDNIGHT OIL!!!!! Still burning towards Orion…. I am there. here is the last room added before orion… I have a few in between but you have to play to see them -)..

Update: 1 more room needed then I have to finish Port Orion… After that it should be pretty much downhill to episode 1 completion and the first beta =)….

I am starting to get into the main drill areas.. I have about 3 room left to get done so a few days should do it =).. I also need to finish port Orion.. then I can wire it all together and start the beta testing my side for episode 1 =). .. I will not release until all episodes are done though. =).. After I am satisfied that Episode 1 is done we will switch from alpha to beta! =).. Thanks for the help guys!.. Beta will be what I consider finished .. so if you want changes of any type let them fly! =)

Back to work..

Here is the latest completed room ..


Here is a new room in the intro section :

Not bad for a Phone… =P

Update 2: I will be adding in the new rooms for levels 4-10 the next few days and the accompanying effects.. I have the quests all written I just need to go back and tweak them.. =)

Update: I am making the push to level 10 and finishing the first episode.. I then plan on releasing it to the alpha team while I get back on the Arena and multiplayer… I
Short term.
X–1. Finish typing the quest data.
2. Finish the cut scenes
3. Finish the quest game code..
4. Finish the skills/weapons for episode 1
5. Finish clearing bugs found in current alpha..
5.5 work on sound and fade out…
7. Release episode 1 and move on to multi-player while alpha people beat up the Episode 1 release =)…

I did not get a whole lot of time this weekend. I went to my in-laws and was put on full time tech support For 2days;p. They had bought lots of gadgets and needed help. One was a sling box. I have no idea how a non tech-head could ever get that running. I had to manually wire in the mac address to a static ip on the router since it could not connect. Anyway I found their router supported unpn and it is old 😉 so that makes me want to attempt firewall hole punching that way 😉 I wish I could talk to the arche type crew and find out what connection methods they used.

Anyway more news later 😉

Since it is almost tomorrow new post =)

Update: alpha 2-32 out check your mail alpha peeps! 😉
it was a rush getting it out cross fingers I did not
miss anything 😉

Testing and about to upload.. I am sure there are lots of font things here and there let me know as the entire system change a little =) (more robust)
Cheat Code (to be released)
Start a quest (Speak to avatar to start the chain OR goto the warp machine and type Q# with # being 1-10
Start at any level … goto the machine and type L# where # is the level
(level 3 is under construction… it should be good I am just uncomfortable with the amount of testing I have given it )
Let me know of anything weird… next release I am going to allow you to first LEVEL then get gear to that level in the warp machine.. thus we can test progression and levels =). Along with adding a WHOLE lot of levels and quests =).. Moving faster and faster! =)


Update: Video of Quest 8 reward =)….and Flobots Handlebars .. pretty cool song I just heard while working ( I like all kinds of music =)) . I hope means any country not just the U.S. … but it is a fun none the least =)

Update: I have agian contacted websters and had percent reworked so it is now spelled precent…I have no idea what doom is writing about 😉

Last update before bed time =)
New item descriptions example with new higher res text…

The items have had a description overhaul thanks to MrSpud! =).. good stuff. I like his ideas!..

Now they will be more to the point and quick to read hopefully =)

more tomorrow

O and fonts have been replaced..when the build is release let me know what yall think =)

Starting to roll….

Update 3: Almost there I think a build tomorrow.. with level 3 at least.. I am going back and fixing stuff as I go so soon we will be seeing 3-4-5-6 levels at a time =)
Just noticed a LOT of the sounds were still turned off from the switch over to OpenAL… so expect a big audio change next build =)

I have a room in for level 3 and the quest in except for cut scenes to level 5. I need to catch up on the bad guys up to there and tune the weapons stats and skills until there. As we go the alpha team will really see this game open up. I can’t wait =)…

Ignore turned metal he got lost.. he is on the wrong level =P
Here is a video of the new light bridge.. =)

DisplayLink gets the BOOT!

BTW not sure everyone knows but this game has a feature I have not seen anywhere.. you can lay out your ui however you like.. men -> options -> controls… not sure everyone knows that.. I like the default.. but then I made it =P

Update 5: Working on levels 3-5 and the quests inside them =)

Update 4: Back to quests and bugs until I get a report.. \=)
Things are moving quick.. I think the game will be done sooner then I think.. =P.. I got through doing even more vis culling. That should really help the older devices.. I will for now on DEV on my first gen iPhone as I did in the beggining.. the 3Gs is just orders of magnitude stronger.. it SCREAAAMMSS… the 1st gen will help me to stay in line on performance. =).. When I developed PC games I wanted a min spec for testing and max for coding.. so I would always test the lowest performance and when the big rig got a go it would scream =)… anyway that is a common thing. It is just hard to rip yourself away from that speed =P…

Update: To devs.. I have found that Arm Assembly code is actually slower on the 3Gs then the C code.. but MUCH faster on a device previous to the 3Gs.. but there is Neon for 3Gs and post 3Gs that screams.. fun stuff..just a note to anyone following along…

Update: Cool I have a build uploading now I will email yall when it is complete. I am shaving as close as I can to the sysem resources.. I hope I do not go overboard ;).. While I wait for a result I am going to get back to moving the skeletal meshes to assembly for a huge speed boost. Then back to the fun stuff for us all.. =).. Thanks again guys! Yall are awesome!…I want to implement a mailbox system so you and I can deliver items to each other in game.. I think that would be pretty awesome. =)..

Update: I have a hybrid solution that has fixed my device here and given the most frames I can while leaving time for the system to do its thing.. I wish I had more control over the other systems I could squeeze an easy 10-25% more frames. But o well. It still is running really well on the oldest device out there and screams on the newer ones…Anyway I am going to try a new build out to yall this morning . I am trying to shave as close as I can to the danger zone of input lag.. so this may still produce it.. hopefully not.. I think I have the right amount of bias in there on the frame hertz… Thanks again guys! After this we will be back to fun testing.. like smashing stuff =P…

Update: BTW I would take a break on testing until I get this new frame limiter out..

After working with spud,doom,and tilt.. I have found that the new method of display apple is pushing as the future is not as versatile as I require…That is where this trouble began. So now I am working on finding a Bias that would give just enough time back to the system to push in the interface calls. So good news is we found it.. Now I just have to get a good tweak out there. I now have a 3G on the way to test with as it seems to have some big differences to my old first gen phone.. So after some testing this morning I think I will push out a final version of the frame limiter in the device (after tested on my old phone and new 3Gs).. Thanks to the alpha team for working this one out.. =)

Good stuff!

Big pipeline changes…

Update 4: New Build Out check your mail Alpha peeps =) nose deep in some assembly.. there should be a very generous frame rate boost =)..

Update 3: I think I found the best solution.. I now have the render line on one thread and the draw on the other. It is a dreaded polling system but just to see if a frame is ready to render.. but just a bool check.. pretty easy actually.. Now I want to get some assembly in there to optimize the skeletal meshes.. but we shall see first I will be putting up a build to test this pipeline configuration =)

Update 2: After a WHOLE bunch of FUN!.. I have found the issue I believe… now to find a fix.. my app is a very intensive app. I use as much cpu and memory as possible.. THUS the input THREAD which i have no control over from what I can tell is being starved of CPU power.. THUS your input is being delayed like crazy to feed the main thread… there is the problem.. I CANNOT control the priority of the threads.. SO I need to find an answer. I will and I will be starting now… again the rewards of pushing the edges of technology…. its called the bleeding edge for a reason I guess -P….. So in the next few days I WILL find an answer and I thank you guys for helping me find this problem I was not seeing on my devices… SO back to work! Best alpha team ever?

Update 1:
Build 2_25 shipped..check your email alpha people.. =)

I am uploading build alpha2.25 to see if that fixes the stalling issues and thread starving issues on 3G phones.. I will send out an email to everyone shortly.. The only big change is the root rendering and update pipeline..some may see an improved frame rate.. but we shall see I cannot test on my older device here =)

Email soon.. after this bad boy is fixed and the tick doom informed me about things will start to roll faster and faster =)…