The haunting level rooms are done!

New Icon:

I finished them at 1am Woohoo =)
Removed Negativity =) I need to stay positive!
Now I have to get back to my pay the bills job! =).. good stuff
Keep the comments coming it is very educational.
Good stuff!
-I am putting in the haunting into code.
-Then housing and tweaking combat
-I also need to make the detonate corpse ability. After all that update 2 will be ready and I may toss button scaling in that one.

Off to work!

StrangE to me


“Spudd located the save thing.. It is only the first time you save.. IE in the current version if you just go down the stairs come back quit and comeback into the app all should be fine I am killing the current update and putting the swipe to look with the restore and all the combat tweaks to combine Update 1 and 2 and placing that back in since I was waiting for review still.


Found and fixed…. wow if there is no file there the first time you try to save I thought you were starting a new char so I create a basic character and save a blank file… SO if you just go in and out of the level 2 times you will not have this occur.. good stuff spud!”

A note I type these posts on the iPhone in between stuff when I get time so please excuse bad grammar and typos!

Strange that I am in 18 th place in RPGs and I could not even pay 2/3 my own MEAGER salary off the income the last 3 days. Not to mention a team. I don’t know how the big teams do it. I am very grateful for the attention though I just find that interesting. Ok today I have to work for the man for 12 hours then I will get back to the haunting. Good stuff I am 50% on the level and still need the boss and minnions. Story is done 😉

o and piracy is out of control! Wow if I had 1/10th of the pirated sales I would be working full time on this and jumping for joy lol. Wow! Still I love doing this and will not give up.

Have a great day!

PS keep the input coming!

Thoughts today were that all of Mission Europas skills are pickup.. you start with a pistol ability for your nanites. Then all other skills are picked up. When you level you can apply a skill point to any ability by dropping the point on it. And you store your abilities in your inventory of which you have many more then in Necromancer Rising. I was just thinking this because after launch week of Necromancer Rising I will be splitting 50% / 50% on Necromancer Rising and M.E. After I get code complete on features I will then move to 25% Necromancer Rising / 75% M.E.. That will not be bad because Necromancer Rising will just be content additions at some point and that is super quick with my systems.. hell I can have a full new tier in the time it takes apple to review it… sheesh!..

O and I have to work full time to pay the bills… but no worries sleep is for when you are dead -)

As far as update 1 that I got to apple 4 days ago
-Waiting For Review
Yup… wow.. 4 days and still waiting.. they need a tiered system imo. A weekend app that someone put little effort in should not be standing in the way of the months of blood sweat and tears of the larger projects. They should have different lines.. and a quick front gate that makes a subjective call on caliber of the project.


Just sounded like a good title…

Today: I have some pay the actual bills work. Its to bad the piracy rate is like 97%.. then I would not be working on pay the bills job =-P.. but hey at least there is interest right =)…

I should get some time… I am trying to decide the reward for completing the first event the haunting… It will be adjusted to the level you are when you take it on but the reward I think will be tier 1. I am thinking a new ability. It will be a large open area fight with lots of tough zombies and baddies + 2-3 levels over you.

Most probably the reward will be:
Detonate Corpse: Up to 5 Corpse piles within 10 meters of you erupt in an explosion dealing 20 damage to all enemy targets around each pile in a 3 meter radius. cool down 5 minutes. That could really stack if you get 10 goo piles that would be a 100 point hit.

Good idea?

First Event coming =)

Update: Driving home then picking back up the torch..

The house is asset complete…she is but a wee thing =).. Now the code aspect which should be straight forward. I need to wrestle up a monk to sell the construction to you also -=)

Update: Swipe to look is in =).. with a new options menu.

Update: The swipe to look is almost in with the new options menu. I actually like it =).. just arrange your buttons accordingly to not be letting up on them. I am changing my mind I like it a lot more great suggestion and expect it soon =).. I am guessing an hour more and it will be finished. Then I will finish the house code and in game model. Pricing I am not sure about I want it to be a tier 2 item. like level 10 so I need to see what the income levels average out to there.

The haunting.. the lost souls of countless surrounding towns are restless is all I can say for now =). The first in game event is coming!

Housing will be in the mix also. I am not sure which will land first.

Today I am going to look into an options screen and touch to swipe as a new feature.

I hope the first patch goes through quickly.

Lots to do so off too it!

Next Update Plans:
-The first tier house will be able to be purchased. In the house will be a bed for the first tier that allows full recovery of health and energy.
-New options screen.
-Touch swipe controls for looking.
-Combat balancing.
-Reducing Boss Bolt damage. (currently dodge strafe or use your shield. Some Bosses are weak up close and killer at range.)
-As issues arrise they will be added here.

So far a pretty good launch since it has only been out 3 days =). Now off to design then implement the options screen.