E.D.I. Is in..

Now the bazaar machine.. then the town is totally done and I will start tier one finally =-)..

iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz004

That machine can use energy and convert it to matter or matter to energy. In the future you trade in energy chips that can store cast amounts of energy. A usable and tradable commodity that can keep you alive.. =).. Of course the conversion is not perfect and some energy is lost on each transaction either way..

And the Bizaar D.I. machine…
iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz005

TOWN asset complete and walkable now down the shaft!

The Avatar!

No not the silly movie.. That is all that is left on the surface of this ice wasteland called Europa… She will be finished today =) That will place the base camp Eruopa Prime 067 in the done catagory =).. Then I will start the first tier. 0-10 and get the play started after that.. some GUNS baby… energy weapons for the win =)

I am still playing necro.. I am level 9 now .. and I love the game.. amazing as I made it. However, I made what I wanted to play =).

She is in! I had to put some time in on necro on a few thing that were bugging me.. As soon as it is approved I will upload a patch for some balance items and issues =)

iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz002

Mission Europa Port Prime 067 done!

Well almost done!..

The next project has begun while waiting on apple. The docs are done the scripts written and creation has begun!… Sci-Fi-Horror! … o its going to be good =)..

The port and all its problems have been created.. woa is it a bloody mess I wonder what happened here?…. I will post some preliminary screens soon =)..

Already looks awesome this engine has gotten so damn strong!…