This maybe to bright..

Testing lighting.. .after thats right I will have my settings. Then I will move to the item syetem and start getting it fully in order. I hope to get some VR stuff done this weekend…. Getting exciting. =)…Definately to clean =).. Lots of eye candy to add. However, I am just working on the lighting itself.


I like this more… boost lights intensity a LOT.. then use the color grading system to contrast the HDR up nicely…


Room with lightmaps etc in!

I finally got it all working together. The lightmaps are stored in a prefab after a lot of code and work. It is also assembling randomly. I do loose light probes but hopefully that will not effect much. I maybe able to get those working later somehow. More tonight!… I am really happy with the levels it is making now. It is a lot more complex then ME1 was.



After lots of tinckering with the innards of Unity I have worked out storing a room as a prefab and then loading it and re-assigning lightmaps. I never had this working in the old version. However, now I do. All I have to do now is dynamically load the room/lightmap. I am doing it by hand right now.


Sooo.. going to have to be a static map

Still working on the lightmap loaded levels…unity is fickle in areas… this is definitely one…Looking for the right path… I am thinking load level a sync is the only way I cannot instantiate or it blows the linkage. So I will have to load…re associate the lightmaps then delete the duplicates…..argh… I have an idea though… load first level …get the number of total lightmaps… load next piece.. then get the count .. get the difference and subtract each new objects lightmap to adjust it back to the previous loaded level. =)… Lete see if that works.

Itssss baaacckkkkk

;)… Moving assets slowly into nice neat little packages I can import into the new clean build of Mission Europa 2.1. I will always work in the test branch for now on and move assets into the truck when done. The first build got huge with things I was just messing around with. Anyway… Tonight and tomorrow. Pre Aggie game I will be working hard! Next week there will be MANY hours after work I put in. =)

Almost forgot. I threw out 40 bucks for a GPU light mapper on the unity store since Unity has taken YEARS to get up to speed on light mapping speeds. Holly CRAP… I went from 30 to 60 minute bakes PER ROOM… to 200 seconds using my handy Geforce 1070 8 GIG…. WOW! Love it. So my process will be to use the progressive to adjust the lighting then hit Bakery to do the rest… Amazing so far.






Wow!! AI Nav Mesh Completed Last Night!

Unbelievable. Glad I waited on Unity to improve. Before I went to bed I dynamically generated the AI nave mesh in a few simple moves. Maybe 20 lines of real code. Before it was a nightmare. With Rain it was also very difficult. Next step tonight or tomorrow if I take a night off is to get an AI spawn point in there and get an AI moving where I click to test navigation. Good stuff!


Got it…

So now it builds the levels and does not let another room lay over another room as it builds the level. Good stuff! ..


The red and black are intersections that were room build fails… so then try again. Until the level is filled with the right number of rooms!

Next step AI neav mesh combining with jump points… not bad for a week. Once I get the ai and rooms working in a test environment I will move to the AI and its behaviors. All in test bed and refine the systems until I start moving the assets over form the ME2.0 build. Well I also have to get the GUI and VR working nicely. Then the eyecandy. The last thing will be eye candy. All gameplay and systems until then. Make it fun THEN make it pretty. No fun all graphics is a fail.

How do you eat an elephant? One byte at a time. =P

More later…..

Forgot to post last night


Been working at nights and forgetting to post…
New random room gen working WAY better and with light mapping.. .I still have to make the duplicate rooms use the same light maps. I have done this many times lets hope it has not changed!. But here is a generated level!

Long way to go but its moving quick!.. now back to work!

More later