OK a new build this morning mainly for retina users… I do not have a retina device and the simulator SUCKS for retina… It fixes world to screen space transformations OR name tags and health bars mainly..

V11 is up and email out…

– increase base text font size….sucks for retina
– small gold no picture
– no need for detect trap skill….
Beta 9 bug – d2
-Town portal is seemingly in the loot list.
Beta 9 bug – d1
-Cannot complete mission 23. I destroy the required device, and it says to return to avatar. I got down to level 7 as it says to and return to avatar via teleport and there is no trigger to complete mission. Cannot continue.
Beta 9 bug – d3
-Floating harbinger name, but no harbinger in level 6. yup big bug! also most units missing.. the early levels I need to watch they are not built off the matrix….
-Beta 9 – 1
Mission where you must collect 15 tiny silver and 15 tiny crystals for zoom ability has bugged text and always tells you that you have 0 to go when you pick some up. ALL COLLECT QUESTS HAVE BEEN ALTERED TO BE IN THE SAME CODE LINES
-Beta 9 – 2
Loading a saved game while the store menu was up, ended up with the store menu showing up whenever I loaded that particular saved game.
-Beta 9 – 5 ( should be fixed in V10 )
While using retina display, enemy health and damage dialogue is heavily shifted to the upper left, which makes it nigh impossible to see.
-Request 2
Normal enemies seem ridiculously easy on levels 1-3. Intentional?
–Yes but maybe to much asking the testers…
Request 3 ( fixed v10 )
-I still also get various crashes when loading from death or when teleporting, but it is more rare now luckily.
– dooms eye misspell
– Q45 find Wally..he is not spot on map leads to a harbinger of doom nametag..skip

Its 1 o’clock again hitting the hay.. let me know how v10 goes… v11 will be pretty quick yalls bugs are getting smaller and easier to fix =).. reminds me of universal studios bug line… it always goes quick towards the end.. so hopefully we are almost there!



HOW do yall feel on the difficulty of the first 3 levels?

Allow dual wield earlier on? SKILL given on a quest at level 9


Cheat code email also sent.. πŸ˜‰

(BTW I am putting in flooring between coding sessions Life is never dull!)

Fixes for build 10


The new aiming system is very nice =) sweet you might say πŸ˜‰

Build out to testers soon.. lists are getting shorter and shorter!

– Long wait to talk to avatar
– can shoot self
– end caps now hide on banshee and knuckles levels
– Random Bosses are now random… it was only letting out the last 2.
– vampiric not vamping?
– will not show below 1.0 damage values
– look at summon levels again before 9 they should be good but check..
– Crosshair settings stick
– No popup window on set sensitivity
– No popup on autoloot
– Random Boss Level Fixes
– Press fire slide finger off.. auto…
– flame thrower fire forever not run out of ammo.,..NERF THROWER
– long wait on new warp screen
– Phantasms removed from bots.
– when press middle look slide needs to be reset or cam goes weird.
– Damage for melee checked and all balanced
– Guns Checked and all balanced.
– test new gun damage spread.
– Endcaps edges and depth.
– FINALLY made it to where you click the fire button and can move the finger anywhere on screen and when you let go it fires… a much better way to aim =) and also it will not stop when you mouse over a firing button works great! =)
– Can only talk to sierra on the level by quest level.. quest 72
– walk up from ramp to level 10 broken
-If you use the gun it still pulls all the nearby monsters ( as designed just tweak.) Sharnk range
– null in orion entry text
– check Q 35 again…
-Warp Menu opening once per encounter
– scary scream q 74 on open
– cannot warp to 30 maybe 40
– BIG BUG! -) One crash cause.. projectiles now delete properly .. how did I miss that one.. KILL PROJECTILES….
– buff crash blood bolt boss 18 (buff is not being destroyed for some reason.. caster is gone though..)
– Weird numbers should not port you ( ONLY BUTTONS NOW)
– doubled regen speed for energy
– boss 12 glow
– boss 13 look
– autoloot option
– QuestionMark on Dr Sierra head Checked lvl 40
– A LOT OF harbinger of doom and not others…
-if you go to options-controls the window disappears and only the buttons show up.(NEED S BETTER INSTRUCTIONS)
– alien floating Q 78
– Change warp machine.. to have tiers and buttons for level. also add codes that lock saving..
– Question mark on sierra level 20-30 quests…
– Blood spurt from hurt alien makes wrong sound. Q78
-remove no teleport Q84
– do not count down if not lon level q84
– Q83 queen needs much larger radius and do not create her weapons..
– Q82 bomb on talk to sierra in cut scene
– Q 117 make spawn
-Q 88 spawn on open each name tags on quest items
– Q 96 cannot kill cyber vines… and name tags on them
– glow boss l24
-l26 boss no glow shader gl one
– L 25 put charge on boss..
– L 25 boss needs blood on it
-Skills need to be level 1 at least on loot
– L 28 glow wrong texture on zombie 33 has right draw
– ADD maser to lvl 20 bots – Mind Bomb to lvl 30 and kill shots to 40 for possessions
– Different ammo amounts on loot.
– matrix turrets name higher and are they shooting? 104 q
– Q 100 or 99 has you kill but boss counts…
– Q 106 make cache float on the poo river..
– Level 29 boss add lines… when killed cut scene was skipped
– Q 124 elite name higher plus say in quest kill him first
– demonic voides level 39+
– level 20 sierra wants to kill you.. not help you… change her mind…
–Β Quest XP
– Boss level 35 make no weapon
– L 38 wrong shader on boss.
-check 143,150 again.
– L 35,36,37,38 wrong boss..
– Q 155,159 Elite guard or boss counts….check debug spawn points ( was level setting on 159)
– Delay on exit levels to high
-Check count quest vs text LOTS OF ERRORS HERE I would skip these as testers… they are not very complicated code wise to test..
– Sync avatar and sierra names..
– Q167 reward
-Check boss quests


Update: about to release V.9 beta… lots o little bugs left still… but nothing major (except 1 crash bug I have to find) ..

A 64 oz. can-o-whoopass

Update: LOL even in quick mode I am only on level 6 of 50 after 2 hours what a HUGE game.. =P

Update: I am going to rip through a test of all the quest in quick mode.. then create a build for you guys V9 has a ton of fixes… Then I will start to create the tutorial level and put some more work in multiplayer while fixing stuff yall find.. =)

Update: Working on multi-tasking support.. This game was in production long before 4.0 πŸ˜‰ AND DONE that was easy… good job apple!

Final title screen

Doom sent in this shot =)

Going to work until 1AM again… but then the day job starts again.. ;).. Gots to pay da bills!… Anyway things are going well the team is working through the bugs at a great rate and making great changes.. I cannot give a forecast yet on release but it is definitely getting closer… Anyway a little more work then at 6:00 pm tomorrow back to it!…

Final Title scene in..

UPDATE: If anyone knows sites that like to do preview versions I would love to know a contact!… I am not there yet but when testers think it is ready I want to send out previews when I submit to apple =)

It is drawing near =).. bugs are getting more rare… things are really tightening up… soon!.. I want a few more mega bosses before I ship I just love taking them on =)

Now this is a bug… and deadly!


New version 5
– Fixed walker loot
– Add Mana Potions back in
– Place in the Bazaar
– Invisibl worms fixed and adjusted
– Removed many of the ammo types that were blank spots..
– closing character window double free…
– ! ITEM CREATION NOT FINISHED. =).. nor is the window =)..DONE NOW
– Bazaar in up to actual sandbox testing.
– tweak difficulty again.


Follow bug testing here!

Note when someone meets lvl 9 boss and he starts summoning his freinds.. let me know if it feels to hard.. =)

(IN my short amount of test time I do think that assembly code was the issue… it only ran in release mode in ad hoc.. now removed I cannot duplicate a crash I was able to create…. so this should reduce crashes significantly there are more I bet but we will find them =)!

I removed some assembly code that could be a part of some of the crashes and have lots of little fixes

Link via email

If you guess post pics in places or movies I would love to see them so I can gauge responses πŸ˜‰


Working hard

EMAIL INCOMING*Mr3Let5bFX8M0iPv0ITVXtbgobhIFtJTvuGtGXHxVsNXIowTrHdrrpyOLm1SpxEKAR*/Ichigo_Hollow_by_Dokiestudioz.jpg




Strangly Nervous about this testing…never have been before…strange.. =)

OK IT IS READY! … The online stuff is not done.. that will be completed during is time to let you all into the realm of mission Europa. Again if you can make videos and shots of the game and get the word out it would really help…. I have to make 2 builds tomorrow. I then will email you all. Please feed the bugs and request into the forum so we can all talk about it.. I have a very few beta spots left so if you know a DEDICATED tester please ask them to email me.. I have so few slots left I really need some people willing to be a part of this project.. all testers inputing real time and information will have something in game dedicated to them. =)

Woohaaaa this beast is almost ready for game day! =)

All I have left is to finalize the baddies on the summon levels…. then it will be friday or saturday.. =) Thanks guys.. I look forward to the input and help! =)

almost midnight again. I will try to get more of the summon baddies done…

Currently I am combat stat testing.. making sure all the mechanics are good… with so many variables or knobs to turn it is a lot of work… but I think it is really coming together…

More later =)

I still have to run through each boss and be sure they are good then I will be ready! =)… The voices for quests beyond 40 will go in during beta some time… voice actor is lazy… but free =P


Ok….1am time for bed… the real job calls tomorrow =)… back to work tomorrow… I will be making builds for release… we will go through a build a day I bet or every 2 until release =)…. good stuff… I cannot wait to get it out to you guys!…

Update: Since all I am doing is running through levels now I expect a build in the next 2 days so you gus can help me out with finding broken skills and weapons… etc… tweaking difficulty.. etc…drops… lots of stuff =)

She is about ready! (If you could do me a favor and on the forums before you post make a signature that states your setup ie 3G or 3GS or iPad.. -) … this build will be just 4.0 let me know if your device does not support 4.0 I want to enable the option for retina display.. I do not have a way of testing it right now… so expect issues with the retina display =P…. )

Hey guys if you want a promo video to share here you go… and this is just using a few weapons and skills =P… btw playing with a mouse is impossible!… its like playing with your big toe… -)
Just mention it is in dev and I was using a dang mouse =P…(O and it runs great on pre 3G devices!)

Really I need a 30 minute video to show all you can do =)

UPDATE: Seal of Mana Shield is your friend be sure to cast it when you first enter a level… πŸ˜‰

Update: Instructions posted!

Update: WOW this baby rocks!!! \=) I am actually enjoying it… hard to do when I have spent 3000+ hours or so on this darn thing =)

Update: Baring any unforeseen life happenings this weekend will start final beta! =)… Back to work lots to do!
This build is ready for you guys to helo me find the problems so I can spend more time fixing and making better rather then spending so much time playing =-)…You guys are awesome!

Guys it is REALLY close.. I am runing through tweaking I expect about 12 more hours of work on it to be ready for beta.. I do not think the voice overs will make it.. but we can still test without them =)…

You will not recognize this game…

Please register on the forum beta people.. it is almost time! =)

Here is where we will track open bugs in the final beta \=)


Mr Spud You Weapon has arrived!

Update: Things are going well!… I am playing and polishing… no real idea when it will be ready just keep your eyes. peeled… when I stop finding things I want to polish I will put out 2 builds…One will be a fast quest build that lets you play through the game quickly…and one version that is regular except you can load up to any level in the game at that level with that levels items and quests to test… =)

Back to work

The Mr.Spud 3000X… Launches Potatoes at an incredible rate. Guaranteeing to make mashed potatoes on any enemy… πŸ˜‰

Working down the levels…

Update : Last night finished all the quests!! now I will be playing and tweaking getting ready for beta…
I still do not have the voice overs in yet for the quests.. I may end up shipping beta to you guys and putting them in while it is going on… we shall see… back to polishing =)

Really tightened up the collision as far as hit areas… your going to have to be more accurate with the projectiles and ballistics πŸ˜‰


LOL the replicant machine got stuck…..

New Video

Level 29

Tied on on last night so not moving os fast =P…

Had fun though beat a 6 table in Texas Hold em … took till 2am owach =)

Back to work!

I will try to get another Icon up with the changes yall suggested soon =)..

Getting CLOSE!

Heres to hoping I can toast to the final beta of Mission Europa in the next week =).. (IF THIS WEEKEND IS OPEN ENOUGH I MAY MAKE IT!)

Lots of clean up left but getting there!

Here is the firt IDEA of an icon… Critique it!

Only a little time thrown at this so it is a draft….click on it for highest res…

-Fog in some cut scenes
-Change audio for bots
-(idea) If buy all episodes game then all levels are open at any warp pad
-Friendly areas sometimes bots try to attack like idiots…
-Change CharMonWalk anim and melee
-Add more spawns in quest results..
-Plasma gun …
-dragging items off equipment
-Finish web stats
-Question over walking sierra. =)
-Quest rewards sync
-ML walking collision
-Sierra Quest Level

BIG night of testing tonig