Good news

I found all the issues with the character generator. I had an issue with a VERY simple thing. Once I was copying the skeleton into the new character library I create at the beginning of the level Unity was automatically adding (clone) to the name of the bone and that means the animator does not recognize the skeleton and thus no animtion. Very simple error that cost quite a bit of time argh!..What I love about unity is how you can really work with your assets in real time while the engine is running and not diving through break points to find what is wrong. So that and a bind pose issue and I am up and running with the character gen again. Now on to some issues I have with the equipment window, AI that needs to be adjusted with the new character gen and then to making cut scenes work. After that I need to create the rest of the tier one weapons and start playing this game =)…..

More later!

Worked till midnight last night cleaning code

Some of the first code I wrote was a skeletal mesh combiner. Sadly with the cleaned up other systems I need to fix this one. I used to copy colliders into the constructed armature. Sadly it comes in all rotated wrong now and I do not want to add a bunch of game objects to rotate them for performance. So I am trying to start with the base skeleton and build it from there. The problem is when unity does not throw an error and does not render anything even though everything in breakpoints looks right it makes it hell to figure out what is wrong. I wish there was a debug mode for skeletal meshes and an official way to combine them. Not just the mesh!… Anyway it just takes time to slowly pull apart and find the issue. I am brkeaing up the huge class also into smaller chunks…anywho I am pouring time into ME2 and moving it along slowly =).

Here is the weapons pack I bought.!/content/23533

Good stuff .. I am now dissembling them so they fit in my item system. Stocks mids and barrels. The parts are all interchangeable and each has a adjective describing them. I want to simplify thew system a bit. I am thinking the name along carries everything it does instead of each piece carrying stats. IE Slaying Sonic Blade of Power would be stored in each piece and the stats gotten from a database on load. IE Slaying + 5% damage, Sonic Blade 5-15 damage, of power attack speed +5%. So I need to look at that tonight. I need to always find the most efficient way to do things or I will never be done! =)….

More later…..

Bought a weapons pack

Picked up a weapons pack from the asset store to save time. Now I have to rip it apart to fit my system that assembles weapons. Not a big deal and a LOT faster then modeling and texturing them myself =)….It will be a break from the AI… which has grown in leaps and bounds this week. I have the AI choosing to take cover if it is nearby and also duckign and then standing to shoot then ducking again. They actually look smarter now =)… I have more to add like strafe shooting also.. Pretty easy with rain. I will update soon with the new weapons when I get them in.

More later….