Working on the Title Screen

I really like the simplicity of Zombies title screen so I stole the idea of which I am sure they did to =)….. You slowly pan around the starting teleporter room looking at yourself wait to be supposedly teleported to the surface of Mars. There is a rippling effect like you are in the etherial form … for a reason…


Pretty close to done for characters

For the character models I have the first 30 levels covered (still need to add in two zombies models of poor npcs caught in the wrong place at the wrong time). I also still need to add in the mechanical pieces sticking out of the flesh and bodies. I also need to make more of the players armor. It is going pretty well at this rate I think I will be back to making the game fun to play soon. I have a TON of weapons and items. I still need to get abilities in and get all the weapons functional to beyond graphics… lots of tweaking but it is really moving…More later….