Today I hopefully will finish a new movie with Rot Gut

I want to get the boss attack system finished. It is the same as the zombies but with more flair. I want the fights to be fun exciting and as different as possible. This means Rot Gut will hear you in another room. Let out a bostful comment and slide through a door into your room. I want him to then cast a ranged attack or two to debuff you if it hits. Then Boast again and charge you. Then while in close he may boats and hit you with a big attack. Or just slice and dice you. This all works with a switch based action system. When updated he will start in the sleep mode. Then when you get close enough or trigger something. He will wake up and start in your direction just like the other monsters. Then his mode is switched to CHASE. During chase it checks to see if you both are sharing a room if so then he may move to RANGED_ATTACK_READY mode where he charges up a skill to be used. Then moves to RANGED ATTACK mode that does the firing. The old charge effect is killed and the projectile generated. The last step is he is moved back to CHASE mode then pursues you again. Every now and then going into a TAUNT mode to poke a little fun at you. Off to work!

Saturday again! =)

Only a few hours here before a soccer game. I am going to finish up the boss functionality hopefully so Rot Gut and his friends will be able to hack and slash to their hearts content. He looks really good in game I will try to get a video of a bunch of him in action this weekend. Off to work. Thought I would toss this tip in. A long time ago I wanted to add smoothing to my skeletal animations. So I took all of 20 minutes to add it with a spring system… so simple no idea why I waited so long. Simply (position bone wants) = (Position Currently) * 0.1f + ((position boneneeds to be next frame) * (time ratio to next frame) + (position bone was last frame) * (inverse time ratio to next frame)) ) 0.9f. Done it will always smooth over.. now it is not a sin wave but it is working great for now and does not add to many operations.

I need names for bosses!

Dig it?

If you have more then one suggestion for boss names please enter it in a comment!. I have started out with some names I have picked out. These are named bad guys that have done evil things in the story arc and will be required to be dealt with by the quest manager. Their loot will be better then average also. Basically these zombies are constructed from entire bodies or pieces of people that have been dragged into the depths or dug up from underground to get their bodies as a resource for the Necromancer Below. Thanks! Just post in a comment below additional suggestions! You should not have to register to comment.

1st Tier Names:
Rot Gut
Remnants of Sean Meyer
The Meat Merchant
The Cleaver


Rot Gut 3 HOURS CONCEPT TO IN GAME… I am a bit proud of that.. surely not done but that is a fast content pipeline!


Not that it means anything in the game industry =P…. hehe.. Today hopefully I get to stay at work on this project and my other projects do not get wonky-jawed. I want to get back to that named creature today. Get one done and fill in the rest. I find the best way to develop a game is to get a small segment of it complete. Then test the LIVING CRAP out of it not only for systems stresses, failures, and bugs but of course to be sure it is fun. That is the current goal. Get tier one done!. That includes 0-5 level creatures, 3 Named creatures, quest generation systems, AI, collision, level generation, game play mechanics, and many other items done. This way before I replicate, increase, and improve upon tier 1 for the next 5 tiers I will have a solid foundation to build on. Now back to work finishing the combat piece I was working on and over to the named npc so I can get to the final piece for tier 1 (the quest generator that ties into the story arc system). Hope everyone has a great Friday! I will try to post a shot before I head out for the day. Hopefully of a named npc in game.



Update: NUMBERS ON HEADS!! .. lol so important.. its in finally.. Lots of life jumped in the way today but I still got a lot done. Now time for a beer. (Then back to work =) )

If anyone has a flux capacitor I could use it. This time thing is getting old ;). I plan on tightening up the combat some more now that all systems are talking together now. That should not take that long as it is just number tweaks. I need to go back an correct a deviation from my design doc. I created a bunch of skins for just about the same bad zombie model. I need to create at least one zombie for level 1 – 5. These zombies all share parts. Thus I make 5 hands or whatever for the 16 slots and 5 * 5 * 5 …. LOTS of combinations. I have 3 different models created with 2 different skins for each model so 6 very different looking characters then all of them are color shifted a little bit. Today I want to create the first named creature. I plan on making a good number of these. They are total one offs. The downside is it takes a lot of time the good side is the freedoms are huge. They can be really boastful and fun characters to take on. Good stuff. So off to work more updates later. I will try to create a screen a day as I work. Some days are all code however and pictures of code just aren’t all that pretty =).

Thanks iPoneLife for the notice. Today combat.


Zombie party.

Low Level Damnation Machine about to rework my gut.

OWACH.. getting head smacked by the zombie so my screen gets tossed to the side.

Update: The new skills are in and you can see them surrounding the screen as always no art is final.

Typed on my iphone please excuse typos. Thanks iPhoneLife for the notice. I feel the more people the more input. Today I hope to finalize tier ones skills and combat. I have a huge head start as it stands now and I just need to get it finished. Combat works by the aiunits. You are also an aiunit but are ignored in several places as your faction decides what damages you. So when any unit chooses to attack they send a pointer to themselves over to the aicombataction function. It looks at the skill and does any npc specific effects. Then to the main combat fubction that performs the actions for player and AI. For example, a holy bolt being fired from an AI unit will first trigger a shooting effect then create a projectile in the scene. The projectile points to the attacker and on hit processes it’s skill hit effect on nearby bad guys. Damage is calculated and handed out. It is all pretty simple at the high level. I will add more later and a new screen but for now to work I go. Please tell your friends about this project the more the merrier.

Update: OK leveling is now in I have decided on the equations for now. The hitpoints and energy systems work. AI will not use energy currently just a firing rate of its skills. That may change as we go , however with 20 zombies and bots possibly attacking you at once I really want everything as light as possible to not effect frame rate. Now to the tier 1 skills that is level 1 – 10. There are 6 skills per tree per tier. With two slots open for skills you picked up as drops or bought at bazaar. So that means 12 base skills non swappable and 2 skills dropped. I will work on the dropped skills last. Currently, as far as skills for the first tier the faith tree I have schedules with: ( Straight cut and paste from the design doc.)
VERY PRELIMINARY please comment if you have any ideas. These are going to be play tested soon and I am sure changed.

1) Fast Swipe : A broad arcing shot that can effect up to 3 characters withing 1 meter in front of you. +3 damage. Cooldown -1% per point, 6 energy + 3 energy per point
2) Stab: A straight shot effecting one target in front of you. +2 Damage per point and 3 energy + 1 per point
3) Block: Use your shield to increase your armor by 25% while up and a 5% chance per point block all damage. 10 Energy.
4) Strong Swipe:A broad arcing shot that can effect up to 3 characters withing 3 meter in front of you. +1 Damage. Cooldown -1% per point, 6 energy + 3 energy per point
5) Slice: Requires 5 points in Stab. A slicing shot effecting one target in front of you. +1 Damage per point and 3 energy + 1 per point. A 2% chance to cause bleed per point.
6) Stun: Requires 5 points in Block. Temporarly stun the target with a blow to the head. 0.5 Seconds per point, 8 energy + 4 per point. Holy Shock: Requires 5 points in minor heal or spark. Short Stun spell that has a 10% chance per point to stun the target for 0.25 seconds per point.

1) Holy Spark: Flashes the local area with your energy doing 2 damage + 2 per point to all targets in 1 meter, 8 energy + 4 per point
2) Holy Dart: Sends a bolt of holy energy towards your target. On impact its damage radius is 0.25 meters. 4 damage +2 damage per point. 4 energy + 2 energy per point.
3) Minor Heal: Heals you for up to 10 points of health +10 per point, 20 energy + 10 energy per point.
4) Holy Shock: Requires 5 points in minor heal or spark. Short Stun spell that has a 10% chance per point to stun the target for 0.25 seconds per point.
5) Holy Bolt: Requires 5 points in minor heal or spark. Sends a bolt of holy energy towards your target the impact radius is 0.25 meters per point. 2 damage +1 damage per point. 8 energy + 2 energy per point.
6) Lesser Heal: Requires 5 points in minor heal . Heals you for up to 30 points of health plus 12 per point, 25 energy + 15 energy per point

Back to work.. 😉 I want to have all these operational today. wait Tuesday =)

(Same video just keeping it at the top)

(Character screen with 16 individual slots LOTS OF TEMPORARY ART HERE 😉 )

The bots went in amazingly well yesterday. They use the same pathing system as all the AI Units and are just another AI unit with a different model that does not skeletally update. They are fun to run from as they spray the room with magical bolts of death and whisper sweet nothings at you ;). Today I need to change the bolts to calculate their facing rotation instead of being fed it (due to inaccuracy for speed trade offs ). Then I need to make the zombies generate their flesh from the flesh palettes. After that is finished I am moving to the game play mechanics. I will describe that system when I get there.
Since I have not gone into detail on the pathing system I will describe here. The system works by creating a set of 3d triangles that have no T intersections. This means no edge may have a vertex from another triangle on it. Then each triangle will store which edge to leave from to get to any triangle in the mesh. This is in a small bit shifting system that is VERY low in memory foot print. To generate these paths I leave at each edge and keep going out but not allowing to back track until I hit a dead end or I achieve the target triangle. I do this from each edge and choose the shortest path. Store it and go. At load time this is very quick to do I could generate and store it but with all the changes I am doing and speed of development I just did not want to invest the time. After each triangle knows how to get to all the other triangles in this very light mesh I find the triangle closest to each possible door. I store that. So now the AI knows how to get me if I am in the room by what triangle I am on and they also know which triangle to achieve to exit into a room in my direction. Good stuff!

P.S. Any suggestions or comments are welcome! =) AND PLEASE excuse any poor grammar/typing/thoughts I am interested in speed not typographical accuracy on this blog 😉

Well that went a LOT faster then I thought it would so GREAT. IT is time to finish the game play mechanics. Here is the plan. Each character has a character sheet structure. That contains the skill they currently have as passive or active on them along with their base stats, modified stats, and current stats. The base stats are your base level stats and passive skills / items. Everyone is the same as far as level stats. You build your character through skills chosen or picked up along with all the equipment you have. Currently I have 14 slots on each character. All slots can be different IE each hand has a specific glove (right left) and that goes for the arms and legs to. So each hand, lower arm, upper arm, etc have their own slot right and left. Each item is constructed from its name. IE the Saintly Shining Iron Sword of Destruction has a saintly hilt, a shining mid hilt, and a Iron Blade. The Destruction tag should be a special effect if frame rate allows nearing the end of production. Each piece of armor has the same. The first two tags might be spikes or jewels in the armor. But they are visible. This allows for absolutely countless combinations of armor sets and abilities. So using the items the bonuses are added up at load or when an item is changed and stored in the base stats. These are the maximum you can currently get with passive skills and items. The modified skills are created from the base stats. When an active or temporary skill or “buff” hits you it will alter the modified stats and when it is removed it will use the base stats to return you if need be. It all depends on the effect. The modified are the maximum that stat can be. The current stats are the current level of your stats. If you get hit your current HP is reduced. If you get healed you can build to a max of modified HP. If you get a STR drain it effects current STR and you can heal to a top STR of modified STR. Each time an effect is applied I have to look at all the current effects in the link list and add up the stats again with the base stat to create the modified stat (the base stats save time so I do not have to process 16 different pieces of armor for each buff). A link list will be used and a max of 4 ACTIVE self buffs and 4 ACTIVE debufs will limit the time it takes to calculate this. This is also too keep screen clutter to a minimum buffs and debufs will be shown at the top of the screen. 4 left and 4 right. If a high rank buff or debuff hits you the lowest rank debuff or buff is removed. If I had more horsepower and screen space then this little device has this would not be an issue. So it is time to roll the sleeves up again and get at it.