Adding in the first 30 missions… =)

Just 28 animations 28 recordings and 28 script corrections to go! =)

I might get half a day to work on this bad boy. I really like the way the story driven system is going. I am adding in far more scripting tools for the missions also.

It is only getting better!.. I really am happy now that I alone can bring an entire story to life with this engine and tell it very well… Good stuff!!!


I had a few hours the last few days to get some work in. I really like this work as apposed to the put food on the plate job.

I am about 3 hours away from being able to start the game with a cut scene and play through to the first quest and complete it. That is pretty good for about 10 days of work!. . =).. Now I just need to win a lottery so I can devote more time to it =)..

Necro rejected

The problem is pirates. I have a good deal of anti piracy code because I released a fishing game that had a 95% piracy rate. If you are depending on the small income that will destroy you. Since it’s release I have had anti piracy code in. The problem now is that in 3.1.2 my anti piracy code is tripping during review. I cannot duplicate it here as the build I submit I cannot run locally! So it has been a game of submitting and waiting WEEKS for apple to quckly run it find out it does not run because the anti piracy code. I then hAve to try something else and resubmit it to wait again.

Right now I have spent I’ve a month trying to get this great game through. In the mean time apple is driving me out of business. I am going to resubmit this week. This thing will return to a hobby soon sadly even though my game and engine are so far ahead of most c crapps out there. If apple could just give quicker reviews to better apps or a ranking system to review along with DIRECT contact while reviewing……, argh ….. Rant off …

Rough Intro Cut Scene

Here is the first pass of the intro cut scene for your arrival on Europa. =)

For 1.5 days work from modeling to in game I don’t think it is to bad. Especially with 0 Budget, 0 Voice Actors, and 0 Artist. I want more out of it but I am going to wait until I have more assets done.


With Necro Not out yet!

I am having to pull back and make some money! I will be working nights now on this project and spare time also during the regular work day =)..

Good stuff.

I did get the intro cut scenes in game last night in a rough form. I need to create an inner cabin scene for part of the intro.

Back to making money then maybe the cut scene. If not I will be back on Mission Europa tonight.

I will never give up on making better and better games. 😉

Back To Mission Europa.-) .. I am finalizing the in ship cut scene when it is done I will post it. I still need to get the audio in so it might be tomorrow or tonight =)

All 1-10 level weapons in.

The weapons are all in and look good. They are smaller pistol to SMG size weapons. The later tiers get crazy. Today I am making the rest of the alien parts. I have to create 3 more sets of parts. They are assembled randomly so that will make quite a few individual aliens just for the first ten levels. -)…

After that I will most probably get to creating the opening cut scene to get some motivation back in me. The time that it has taken to get Necro out is just disturbing. Times are getting tight. =(