Adding in the first 30 missions… =)

Just 28 animations 28 recordings and 28 script corrections to go! =)

I might get half a day to work on this bad boy. I really like the way the story driven system is going. I am adding in far more scripting tools for the missions also.

It is only getting better!.. I really am happy now that I alone can bring an entire story to life with this engine and tell it very well… Good stuff!!!


I had a few hours the last few days to get some work in. I really like this work as apposed to the put food on the plate job.

I am about 3 hours away from being able to start the game with a cut scene and play through to the first quest and complete it. That is pretty good for about 10 days of work!. . =).. Now I just need to win a lottery so I can devote more time to it =)..

Necro rejected

The problem is pirates. I have a good deal of anti piracy code because I released a fishing game that had a 95% piracy rate. If you are depending on the small income that will destroy you. Since it’s release I have had anti piracy code in. The problem now is that in 3.1.2 my anti piracy code is tripping during review. I cannot duplicate it here as the build I submit I cannot run locally! So it has been a game of submitting and waiting WEEKS for apple to quckly run it find out it does not run because the anti piracy code. I then hAve to try something else and resubmit it to wait again.

Right now I have spent I’ve a month trying to get this great game through. In the mean time apple is driving me out of business. I am going to resubmit this week. This thing will return to a hobby soon sadly even though my game and engine are so far ahead of most c crapps out there. If apple could just give quicker reviews to better apps or a ranking system to review along with DIRECT contact while reviewing……, argh ….. Rant off …