Still beta testing

And will be for a while.. =)

Here is the fixed pathing system the green triangles are the path mesh and the yellow the solution an AI would take to get from the green line start to the green line finish .. good stuff.. It was having issues with the preprocessing I was doing.. but all good now.. The zombies still need walking lessons but o well thats now.. =)
iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz001



You must Include:
UDID for the device:
Email you want me to use to respond to you:

Requirements: You must provide input and testing please. I will be releasing a free version so if you just want to see it please wait a few weeks I really need the slots to be filled with helpful beta testers wanting to make this the best game possible. =)



And the beta begins!


Check the link below for a new movie =)..
I am REALLY excited about this. I really do think this is way ahead of the app market. It is a fully explorable fps dungeon crawler with an incredible frame rate even on the older devices.

I currently only have 4 bugs in from the beta but I did only release it last night at 9 and watched the forums until 2am 😉

People are not restricted to comment on it except to dog it because it is not finished and whatever they do not like will most likely be fixed or change so I hope to see comments springing up.

I will be adding more beta people soon probably around 25 more to really hammer the thing. I will be releasing levels 5 – 20 soon also in a new beta.

Good times ahead ;)…

Gearing up for beta

Here is an example of the very first level of combat.. using the shield on a mid boss named Fetid Corpse. Of course you would probably want to tag him a few times with a charged holy bolt then go in for the kill but he is a level 1 mid boss so eh… whack em =)


I am just playing myself the first 4 levels and tweaking combat skills and variables. I am hoping the beta will help nail out the right knobs to turn in this bad boy. The first beta will be the first four levels with 3 mid bosses and one main boss Rot Gut..

I am very thankful to the beta testers I have. I cannot wait to get the first build to them so I can get their feed back. I think their input could really help out this massive project.

Adding the forums to the website now..

It will be accessible by beta people only as right now my full attention needs to be on the game not websites 😉 Thats later



9/18/09 and 9/25/09 (corrected.. brain fart)

Of course if life stays out of the way. 😉


If You are here from an external link click the big logo image to see all the other posts and comments or here. 😉

I am looking for a set of people willing to help finish up this bad boy by the end of next week or so so at some point during the week I will be sending out betas…this is mainly meant to solidify game play and find issues my small test team might have missed.

1. FEEDBACK is REQUIRED! =).. it takes time to include you in the beta so feedback on gameplay, how you feel about issues, and bugs is required ;).
2. Email address to corespond with
3. UDID of your device.. (open itunes click on your device then click on serial number then click edit copy and paste it in an email to me. )

Please email this to and make sure the SUBJECT of the email is Necromancer Rising Beta.

Thanks for the help!

Here are some shots from the master page.. I do not have any current videos but soon I will 😉


Combat loot and levels

I am making sure the difficulty curve is perfect. I want the first level to be just whack a mole then level 2 to be a little dangerous if you put your phone down and walk away but I want the bosspf the level to be a challenge. Then level 3 is where it steps up to having to know how to play. Level 4 will male sure you are starting to use all 16 player item slots and skill points in skills to win. After that a gentle curve all the way to level 50. So tune a curve and play is the name of the game while looking for bugs ;).

Soon. Sooooooon

Ok getting VERY close!

I am placing in the levels zombies.. after that I have just the weapons left .. then the alpha and final tweaking.. then this 5 month hell project will be done. I am VERY VERY proud of this puppy there is NOTHING like it on these devices.. Hopefully soon I will be able to show the world =).. a screen full of zombies running smooth as silk… 50 levels.. 10000 items.. good stuff.. -)

Wow this game is getting awesome..

I have all the bosses minus the necro in.. I need to to a bug run and get some assets corrected like the air and ai maps for some rooms… Back to work!… Alpha still on target but may slip till after the weekend.. After the alpha I want to find a solution to do an open beta with people.. I have not researched the possibilities yet.

Debug shot getting smashed by a giant boss =)

(This model was purchased off turbo squid to save some time..)

LOL me and the fetid corpse have been touring the levels checking ai pathing and collision for projectiles.. he is such a nice zombie… just keep him fed..

I fully expect alpha by friday =)

Good stuff!! This baby is really looking good there is NOTHING like it on the iphone or ipod.. -)… its going to rock.. -=)

I had not put a Debug shot up in a while.. here is one from a lower tier.. =)

DEBUG SHOT ABSOLUTELY NOT FINAL (no baddies are turned on .. they will be secret until discovered =) )

While I was running performance tests on rooms I found one that was way to high. I like it when that happens that means after a little asset redoing I get even more speed!.. This game will be buttery smooth even on a first gen iphone/ipod!… no need for the (runs best on 3gs banner) here! 😉