Weapon prefabs in and rolling….



!MissionEuropa2_helmet !MissionEuropa2_as


Above is the light Space Merc armor chest piece.

Good stuff! I am now attaching al the wires and cables for comvbat into RAIN etc…. kinda boring stuff but getting closer every step to the goal. I hope to get some good worktime over the next three days with me taking a day off from the day job tomorrow as it has been killing me…..SO as usual more later =)

Working on prefab system

I will be working on the preb system for weapons today…. So if it is a skeleton then it is asswembled into one mesh and one texture if it is a regular mesh then it will be made out of prefabs REALLY freeing up some creative items with awesome stuff.. Excited and it should not take to long I just need to alter the database really.

Pretty major change but I think very worth it.

I currently do a lot of complicated things to get weapons assembled from pieces. That is what I did in ME 1 to keep draw calls down. However with the power of unity I think I have more room and want to assemble the weapons from pieces and not assemble a texture and a model into one for one draw call. This opens up prefabs. I can really make ANYTHING this way. I am not limited by shaders, load times drop, and the only negative is more draw calls. Of course enemies and armor items will still be congealed to save a ton of calls but items in both hands add a minimum of 4 exta calls far worth what I can do with it. So I will take a moment while wiring these guys up to replace the strings for the texture and model with one prefab. Then I can have animations on the weapons also which these days is a big thing. If nothing else the ability to have multiple shaders for cool effects not to mention the ease of adding effects makes it worth it big time. This should only tak about 3 hours of work so maybe tonight but we will see I have a busy night. =)

Now that I understand rain and its behavior trees things are rolling again.

The RAIN guys are extremely helpful. They have the best API support I have ever experienced. Rarely have I had people write usable code I can use as almost drop in. The link below has links that explain the trees and their node behaviors.


The plan now is to tie together my combat code and the new nodes I wrote for RAIN.

I need the node to take the AI and go through the steps.

Attack start

Attack charge

Attack fire

Attack finish.

This is using an item. The item is made of up to 3 mods. Each mod has a “use” effect prefab.

The weapon effects have scripts. They are prefabs that are smart and know what to connect to. There will be a script that knows to connect x effect to the muzzle and fire a y effect down field. etc.

To Do:

Mods need a use effect list (can be multiple). And Use Stage. (attack start,attack charge,attack fire)

When the item is going through its stages it looks at the mod effect lists and triggers any effects of that stage. When it triggers it passes in the AI and the item from which you can get the the game object and all items an effect may need.

Then the effect prefab itself does the rest.

The effect prefab detects hits and passes in the attacking AI and the hit AIs and the attacking item. The combat ensues, death or damage. Buffs are calculated to effect the damage then the damage is applied.

Here is more on the system plans

HIGHLY recommend the bar bike idea =)

Update: Great news… after reading some articles re3comended to me I think I have it all under control .I have an ai that patrols random points and even random areas then when it sees you or you get to close it will chase you down and attack you. Now I need to wire in the attack code to make combat work! Good stuff..



Totally awesome B-Day party for our friend took my dev time this weekend =) It was TOTALLY worth it =)


Now that’s a friend you want! Back to the grind today though and I think I will be done with the RAIN issues today.. At least enough to get some gameplay going =).. I also want to add in events like things standing down long hallways then disappearing around a corner or something =)..

More later!