I feel good about the Mission Europa patch

I got some play time in somehow…Very busy lately.

Today my goal is to get the Medics shooting cool effects at each other with a very robust system so I can just cahnge some database variables and have many many different types of effects. I will try to get some shots up today sometime. Anyone have a Delorian and a flux capacitor handy?

Patches both to apple.

Testers I had to give up on test flight app I tried uploading 14 times at home, 5 times at work, and as far as I can get is 50 % uploaded then I get a “An unexpected error has occurred.” error and have to start over (Attempted it with Safari, Chrome Mac, Chrome PC, and Internet Explorer). So I emailed out a link to you guys =).. the old fashion way will have to do for now sadly I hope testflightapp gets fixed I would love PAY for it if that would make it work as it is a huge help…really a great tool lets hope she gets back to working soon for me..anyway please check those emails as the patch is already to apple =)… Thanks again all soon hopefully we will be making levels together in cursed Realms!

I am trying to get the patches uploaded to test flight now for testing. It will take apple at least a week to get to them so we have plenty of time to test. If we find an issue while testing I can pull them anytime fix and resubmit. This way we get a jump on the submission. I will then start sending the summons again. I am REALLY pleased this time. The bug was again just a one liner in the code that caused a recursion and also a misunderstanding of how to use ObjectAL properly (which is a very good and easy interface to OpenAL). I will have more later after I get the patch uploaded to test flight app and the testing team!. I will be testing today after work and in between getting more work done on Cursed Realms as I am really getting excited about that one =)….

Patch complete

Update patch into apple I will try to test flight again tomorrow night… I can pull the apple build if we find an issue and it takes 3-6 days for them to get to it so plenty of time to get a build up to test flight app.. =) night night… going to be a 4 hour sleep night =(….

Except TestFlightApp will not freaking upload no matter what I try so I will get it uploading to apple so they can start the review process while I fight test flight app to get it to my testers…. argh… why alway so hard?

Mission Europa Patch time…

Update: YUP! Making build for test flight!.. 20,000 sounds played in a massive attack and all good!…

Update SWEET!. I got home from work tried one thing and I think I fixed it!… Both the chainguns effect!!!! Weee hurray! I am very happy with this patch I will be uploading it to test flight soon!!!! Very excited about this patch!

Update: DAy job just kicked me in the teeth so patch un-likley tonight as I will be over-timing it again..Boss over promised for me… 😉 weeeee!

Update: Expect a Test Flight of the patch tonight….

Update: Woa… the guys that cannot load somehow triggered an infinite recursion… nice =).. that is an easy fix…I think I fixed that one. I also moved the al_Source to an autorelease. I think something down inside openAL is making one last call to the source after I was calling release so that should fix it as it will still be able to talk to it with objc_Msg_Send call and that is where it is crashing. something I cannot debug without it happening to me and even then I have to actually DIG through memory calls =).( I HATE OBJECTIVE C 😉 )…..Expect a test flight of the new patch in the next few days testing team members… And if anyone would like to help test the patch I have a few spots open. Preferably if they are having trouble with Mission Europa… (I would also like them to test Cursed Realms later when the time comes. But I really need people that will test as I have a limited set of slots from apple) RyanMitchellGames@gmail.com =)..

Update: Looks like 95% of the crashes are in the ALSource which is openAL AGAIN.. strange as I am using a supposedly stable 3rd party object now to control that. More research is needed however and more logs. Please if you have a serious issue in Mission Europa please them to email me at RyanMitchellGames@gmail.com (zipped if possible). I really need those that cannot load after a crash… thanks!….(Apple seems to only give me the most common crash file. That would be good for 99% of the apps as they are weekend projects and small ins scope. But with over 50 hours of stuff in M.E. I wish I could get more directly from them… o well….)..

Update: I will be starting yet another Mission Europa Patch (Lesson to all devs with their own engine NEVER NEVER stray from a data driven model even if it saves time….argh..and I knew better =)…).

I am hoping I get some more crash logs from people that cannot load after a crash that is the nasty one I am really targeting… It appeared last patch so the last fix opened up a road to this one. I never saw it in testing nor did a few others that helped.

More news when I get some =)

I am taking a break from props to get the characters back to awesome =)…

I am going to add in their weapons effects and continue building the level. =) Hopefully I get a little more time tonight.. been sick today. Forgot how being sick sucks =)…

Happy Sunday! More later time permitting…

Any more awesome ideas?

Update: Ludicrous speed!!! Ive gone PLAID! lol 😉 Not really happy with stalagmites but they will be used very sparingly…

And the brown and stone rocks:

Keep the ideas coming I am almost finished with the ideas on the list =)….good stuff!

Break time 😉 going to throw some baseballs and footballs =)

Update: WOW.. this pipeline is FAST =)

Here are the requested rails.. I made it all metal to reuse another texture for memory. Again colors will cme frm characters and effects ala diablo… unless you guys have better ideas =)

Check out the rails!

Update: Check this out… man is this getting good!… Here is a video of editing a level. See how amazing in game tools are! Create a level real time ON MY PHONE! or iPad! Sorry a little excited! Now off to the props finally I found a problem I had to fix and it took some time.. Pretty soon off to throw the ball with the boys.. I Hope I get at least a few props in -)

FAST now t make it look better and better =)

I have the waterfall in and 3 nasty errors in code fixed… this engine will be with me for life.. I love it!…

Check out the waterfall with some other props!…

I will be working on the below props sent in..

I tried stalagmites and just did not like the first try so I will be giving it another go as I like the shadows they will cast…

Current idea list sent in -=)
1. Finish the waterfall and its code to know when water touches an edge and add a waterfall there on sector build.
2. Rail tracks broken and abandoned.
3. Random floor patterns seeded off their X and Y.
4. Wires coming down and hitting a wall at an abandoned terminal.
5. Abandoned terminals in the level.
6. roots or veins in the walls randomly seeded x and y
7. remember to make a good joke like the doom marine in duke nukem… carefully. =)

O and bumped into this holy CRAP!!! Most epic fps kill in history?

WOW really cool 😉

Let the ideas flow =)

Friday got BUSY.. so today I will hopefully squash a bug and get a pic of the waterfall up here then proceed with those other props… If you have any more ideas fire away I love the ones given so far -)

Update: Great ideas keep them a coming ;)…

So now the prop list is as follows as what I want to add in:
1. Finish the waterfall and its code to know when water touches an edge and add a waterfall there on sector build.
2. Rail tracks broken and abandoned.
3. Random floor patterns seeded off their X and Y.
4. Wires coming down and hitting a wall at an abandoned terminal.
5. Abandoned terminals in the level.
6. roots or veins in the walls randomly seeded x and y
7. remember to make a good joke like the doom marine in duke nukem… carefully. =)

1. Dripping pools. they would have to fit in one square and would take a lot of time to get right.

If anyone reading has some good ideas for anything in game please post it in the comments =).. no idea is a bad idea. Doom has already given some really good food for thought =)… Today I am taking a half day to spend with my wifey =). Then I will get back at it tonight to hopefully get the waterfall in (just a regular one for now.) I am planning on the levels getting more intense as you progress into the game with other stuff flowing =)…more later


Had time to snag a shot of the Excavation Light Prop. Lots more to make to add the flare =)..

Check out the quick props made from destroyed arches =)..SO fast to make levels too =)..

Still a lot to do with lighting left but man this is on a phone and tablet! These things rock =)

I also noticed in the diablo 3 screen shots I am using as an artistic guide that the color is brought mainly with effects to the scene so I will have to target lots of flashy colorful effects. I think it really adds power when the effects are the source of color…


I feel a need for more props.. I would like a water fall also going over the side of a chasm.. that would be purty. So I plan on adding some Tech Props to match the timeline along side the ruined items. Then I will create a waterfall effect =)..The props I think I need are a excavation tripod light, crates like an excavation is happening, bloody bodies on the ground. Alien Plants, Water-fall, and I would like some candles as if that is the last resort to conserve energy in areas. That should take care of tonight \=)… Then I will get back to level making. I am really close to creating then switching to test mode in game =)….