First Trap In More on the way!

Update: Plasma Gun =)


Update: Here is the mine.. big because its explosion is big.. currently it is designed so that if an enemy touches it anything within 2 squares is heavily damaged… =)..


Here is the operational Mini Gun Turret the first you can research and unlock

The engine is fast as heck (These videos are taken in the MUCH MUCH slower simulator with a screen capture program which both slow down the simulation but they are still are unnoticeable!)!.. really nice I am loving it.. and with this I will burn through the rest of the traps now! The exporter has been fixed..

Here are two videos of the turrets running…. Off to create the land mine then plasma turret..

Keep on Keeping on =)


Have to do some work on the exporter tonight! .. I need a method to export non enveloped models.. not a big deal just a little slow down when I was really picking up speed! =)

Updated Game Wiki with screens of the in game areas…

Updated how the traps will work.. and as soon as I get the mini gun in I will update the pic on the wiki =)

BTW its 100.8 °F here today… Thank God for my pool…. ;).. Texas Summers are hot but with a pool they are awesome! 😉


Update: with a little more work and dirt we have this.. no normal mapping or parallax yet…

Then with a time saver and not actually painting a hieght map we have this..

which converts to this:


In Progress shot of a mini gun turret trap =)

Here is a video of the treasury square. It will fill up with up to 4 chests and one pile of gold.

I only have homes left then I will go to making the traps and turrets =)…

Back to the day job.

Working late =)

Done for the night.. just finsihed the first run for the Research Platforms also =)..As I said it will get faster as the items are added into the system =)

Check out the video of the new Research Area.. =)

I had to do some shader and exporter work with blender.. but now I have it all ready and am starting the next area. The research area..

Here is a video of the training areas… 😉 Good stuff.. the base is a flat plane. The glowing gas is an X of polies using vertex colors to fade out the cloud passing over sliding in the vertex shader.

If you have not checked it out lately here is the game wiki HEAVILY updated:


Damn this new design rocks!… I am already placing in areas!… Here is a video of me:
-Moving view
-Choosing Dig menu
-Choosing the level building instant dig
-Digging a larger area (the engine is automatically batch collapsing after each build)
-Going back to the main menu
-Choosing the area menus
-Choosing the rooms menu
-Choosing to place the training piece. (When a unit is dropped or finds its way there it can level up)
-Then zooming around to show the level of detail at work…zooming into creases and cracks =P…

The piece is not done yet. It will have glowing streaks slowly rising like a gas from them. and the lights glow effect has forced them to full white..this is the first time I have had them in game.. NOW ON TO THE REST! =) Tonight should be good!

If you have not checked it out lately here is the game wiki HEAVILY updated:

Had a great weekend!

Update Wiki concept complete ( all concepts in.)

I hope you all did also. Started with a father’s day trip to Top Golf (FREAKING AWESOME FUN ..if not a bit pricey). Then a huge pool party yesterday where my liver filed divorce papers =P….

Now tonight I plan on finishing the Wiki and moving forward on ACTUAL GAME CONTENT!!!! =) WEEE!!!!!

This game is going to be perfect for touch gaming.. it will be like you have lots of little toy minnions.. I am playing with the idea of letting you name the highest level guys you have and letting you take a few with you to the next level. I think that would be a bunch of fun… like little un-dead pets =)

More later……Day job calls!

Updated Arms on the wiki:

Updated Torsos:

Update Legs:

Update Heads Wiki:

Update Walls:

Update Doors:

Updated Necro Tanks:

Saturday work day


Heading to the gym but I have a ton done on the wiki. This handy dandy new iPad really is awesome as anytime I have time wasting I can whip out the iPad and get some work done! No time tomwaste when your a one man band! 🙂

Wiki updates:
Added a torso also

Would love tomget some feedback or ideas if anyone has any thismbad boy is really moving and imam in love with my latest engine 🙂

Happy Saturday all!

Getting there…

Update: updated wiki with Juggernaught headnand sketch (all on this iPad) love this iPad 😉

I will be working heavily on the WIKI now getting the game nailed down. The engine is 75% complete with the upgrade. So now I need a solid road map!
Please feel free to suggest here or there ideas, changes, or questions.

If you read it all and get a good feel for what is coming it is time to start finding a name for the game suggestions welcome =)

Updating the Wiki now =) (HEAVILY UPDATED WIKI)

I made another pass on the walls and dirt. I expect there will be 10 or so more passes on those objects. -=)

Going to have to figure out how I am going to go about dynamic shadows.. =).. That will actually be fun!

Diggin this!

A video of instant digging. This will not be but for creating levels =) … but digging working..


=).. digging in soon and all the systems included. As I go and move forward things get faster as the path I took to get there solidifies into a solid code path accessed and run by data. So as each item is put in the next is faster. An example of this is to dig you need a scene-graph, collision detection, content paths, graph collapsing, etc…. So the next run when I add instant digging I only add a script and the content. -)

DAY JOB TIME…. I hope to make some money someday as driving my 14 year old truck is getting really old. I just am so against debt it must be paid in full =)…good times! – Off to work

Getting to the fun parts!

Update: At the day job!.. Blessed to have one in this economic environment!…. Tonight I hope to have digging done… That would also mean a lot of other systems are done!.. I might actually start to be able to make some awesome art assets soon =)… More later…


Day job for now but tonight I expect pretty quick progress. The tool sets I have made are done and the development speed has been drastically increasing. I wil be digging holes out here in about 3 hours of dev time. Then I will get on to finishing out the menus. the next step will be creating levels. Minus any characters for now. They will be last. I have some grat ideas for them!

Check out the wiki if you have not. It is very early but it gives a great overview of what is drifting together. Before I do ANY game work I have it on the wiki first. Game dev without a design doc is a game of Russian roulette I have seen fail many times 🙂


Busy regular job day…

Welp had a busy busy busy first day back at the job. I hope to get some good stuff in tonight. I am working on the scene graph utilities and hammering them out. All along the way I am analyzing what is taking the most time and how can I make it more efficient. Pretty much it. As soon as I get digging working I will post a video =)


Ok family week over…

Long drive over!! Drove from Dallas to destin Florida AMAZING place love it… Looks like it is hard to love there though as all of the condo ovners I met were really not as well off as I would have thought with the prices those condos were. Really surprising to me.

On the game front I got to do lots of work while my wonderful wife drove. I finally finished the new and awesome KD-tree based collision system. It supports multiple worlds or simulations so I can have lots of options. 😉

Now digging! I have the marking system working it marks the plae you tap… Or unmarks on a secod tap. Now I need to make the digging process work.

So process will be.
1 press dig menu.
2 press place on map
3 now take out the piece
4 detect all 4 nodes next to this one. If they are full add dirt wall in or else do not add a wall in.
5 switch the secotr to modified so on next update it will redo the batch collapse to the sector.

Pretty easy stuff off to the races! The only nasty stuff left will be the new character enveloping system and the ai rehash..

Vacation over work time!! Work hard play hard yawl 😉

Still moving =)

Family week… but still getting stuf done.. amazing how you can work on wifi just about anywhere these days…

I have the click described last post working!.. now to make an instant dig method for me to make levels and start getting to the level creation process =).. good stuff

Family time and a little work

I am getting a litte work done here and there 😉 I have the markers working for the gameplay all in script. That was a major thing missing from soul engine 1.0… I was the only guy and knew it would be that way so I skipped the scripting engine and went wi th hard code. That was a very poor choice though. With hard code bus are bugs with a scripting engine you have hard code paths that are tried and tested by every script. Thus Crashes are nonexistent. With a hair code path one error in 400 code paths equal an error along with adding to build time every time you change a macro. A big learning experience there. I could have placed the script engine in with about 3 days after hour work like I did for the current version. But I took the wrong road last time. I will not do that again.

The way I have it working now design wise is.

1 I have a command manager that has a very fast hash function to match a command string with a command function.
2. I register on load the command strings matched with a command function.
3. When a script is run strings are sent to the command manager.
4. The command manager then finds the right command with a super fast hash.
5. The command fun ton then uses a function to strip out what it needs from a byte buffer and the size of the buffer that is passed in.
6. Command runs.

I am forcing any commands the user uses through this channel. User input is slow in computer speeds thus a little overhead is negligible. And the overhead is tiny. Along with the fact that scripts now can be very complex and really make for some fun gameplay! So far I have decided no branching in scripts as it starts to turn into a coding language at that point.

Off to family time see y’all soon!


Not that that is much but in a few hours of work I hope to be clicking and digging holes!!.. or at least marking the dig areas…

The process in the engine will be for a dig…
1. press dig menu sparks fly it swings in with a creak and electric arc.
2. press dig button pulses gold and small sparks every now and then
3. press full dirt box.
4. a new model is placed just over the node in the non collapsed dirt dig graph.
5. collapsed dirt dig graph trashed and a new batch collapsed graph created off of the dirt dig graph with the new spot in it.

Good stuff.. a scene graph really makes things easy after you get the tools completed and a very solid design with the fewest types of nodes possible.


More later I am sure -)

Movie time!

Made HUGE progress tonight! And still going!!! 😉

Here I finally placed in the shader level of detail items. You basically tell a shader its 3 levels of detail for the shaders and the textures for each level. Far more powerful then mip mapping alone which I abandoned as shaders need far more control….. The red lines are each batch collapsed sector of 4×4 quads that can be dug out. Hopefully VERY soon I will be digging out those bad boys as that is the next step!

Here is the LOD video notice the flip of textures and shader. I may tweak it more but currently it is very hard to notice =)


Just a dev video as I work.. I have the scripting system burning up the scene graph now -=)!!!

All the items seen are temp art and are in use to get the systems moved over to OpenGL ES 2.0…..However the Menu movement is what I want… you pick area then the area menu quickly spins in. I want to make it more machine like with electricity sparks and the like.. possibly some bars heading off the screen =).. LONG way to go but a LONG way has already been traversed =)….

I am now going to start to get to digging finally… The only really big Item I have that could take a week or so of off time from the day job is a re-hash of the exporter and importer from blender to my engine for the skeletal enveloping systems.