First Trap In More on the way!

Update: Plasma Gun =)


Update: Here is the mine.. big because its explosion is big.. currently it is designed so that if an enemy touches it anything within 2 squares is heavily damaged… =)..


Here is the operational Mini Gun Turret the first you can research and unlock

The engine is fast as heck (These videos are taken in the MUCH MUCH slower simulator with a screen capture program which both slow down the simulation but they are still are unnoticeable!)!.. really nice I am loving it.. and with this I will burn through the rest of the traps now! The exporter has been fixed..

Here are two videos of the turrets running…. Off to create the land mine then plasma turret..

Keep on Keeping on =)


Have to do some work on the exporter tonight! .. I need a method to export non enveloped models.. not a big deal just a little slow down when I was really picking up speed! =)

Updated Game Wiki with screens of the in game areas…

Updated how the traps will work.. and as soon as I get the mini gun in I will update the pic on the wiki =)

BTW its 100.8 °F here today… Thank God for my pool…. ;).. Texas Summers are hot but with a pool they are awesome! 😉


Update: with a little more work and dirt we have this.. no normal mapping or parallax yet…

Then with a time saver and not actually painting a hieght map we have this..

which converts to this:


In Progress shot of a mini gun turret trap =)

Here is a video of the treasury square. It will fill up with up to 4 chests and one pile of gold.

I only have homes left then I will go to making the traps and turrets =)…

Back to the day job.

Working late =)

Done for the night.. just finsihed the first run for the Research Platforms also =)..As I said it will get faster as the items are added into the system =)

Check out the video of the new Research Area.. =)

I had to do some shader and exporter work with blender.. but now I have it all ready and am starting the next area. The research area..

Here is a video of the training areas… 😉 Good stuff.. the base is a flat plane. The glowing gas is an X of polies using vertex colors to fade out the cloud passing over sliding in the vertex shader.

If you have not checked it out lately here is the game wiki HEAVILY updated:


Damn this new design rocks!… I am already placing in areas!… Here is a video of me:
-Moving view
-Choosing Dig menu
-Choosing the level building instant dig
-Digging a larger area (the engine is automatically batch collapsing after each build)
-Going back to the main menu
-Choosing the area menus
-Choosing the rooms menu
-Choosing to place the training piece. (When a unit is dropped or finds its way there it can level up)
-Then zooming around to show the level of detail at work…zooming into creases and cracks =P…

The piece is not done yet. It will have glowing streaks slowly rising like a gas from them. and the lights glow effect has forced them to full white..this is the first time I have had them in game.. NOW ON TO THE REST! =) Tonight should be good!

If you have not checked it out lately here is the game wiki HEAVILY updated:

Had a great weekend!

Update Wiki concept complete ( all concepts in.)

I hope you all did also. Started with a father’s day trip to Top Golf (FREAKING AWESOME FUN ..if not a bit pricey). Then a huge pool party yesterday where my liver filed divorce papers =P….

Now tonight I plan on finishing the Wiki and moving forward on ACTUAL GAME CONTENT!!!! =) WEEE!!!!!

This game is going to be perfect for touch gaming.. it will be like you have lots of little toy minnions.. I am playing with the idea of letting you name the highest level guys you have and letting you take a few with you to the next level. I think that would be a bunch of fun… like little un-dead pets =)

More later……Day job calls!

Updated Arms on the wiki:

Updated Torsos:

Update Legs:

Update Heads Wiki:

Update Walls:

Update Doors:

Updated Necro Tanks: