Update 2 out (finally) and great progress on the engine

I should have a movie soon of the Cryo-tanks for your corpses in the new un-named game…

I am working out the fastest content pipelin possible with this level of graphics =).. good stuff!.. and being that all of it is now in blender (a free application to all) anyone could add content in the future =)… (game after next) 😉

IT is really looking good… I am so excited to be able to do actual real time lighting again =)

Preliminary (Just starting out):



Would a 3 Day sale of 7.99 for collectors upset people I am getting inundated in email/forums for a sale after the free version release….

After creating games for well over ten years.. It has always come down to graphics.. ;).. so next game will be a power house of pretty =).. I hope to be getting some screens up soon.


Please discuss =).. open design =)

Update 2 for M.E. should be soon then Update 3 starts =)….

Yeap.. as expected…

Free version added no more sales then I had one day last week.. My plan in the future is to be all free and then IAP the rest of the game… It seems to be the only way to go about things.. At least more people got a chance to at least see it in motion ;)…

Off to work the day job!… I am excited more people got to play in the arena.. We can start tweaking that in Update 3 now!..

I expect update 2 to hit today… or tomorrow..

Tonight I put some more time into SouL_EnginE 2.0.. My weekend was robed from me ;p..

Next game coming together in my mind ;)

I want a quicker to make game before I undertake what will be a HUGE game next… (Think MMO / M.E.)

For now I am targeting a Dungeon Keeper / The Syndicate mash up game…

Create a dungeon just like Dungeon Keeper but with the micro management of the monsters adding awesome technology or magic to your monster types. ;)..

I am leaning towards a Rift style story line to excuse the future and magic combined. I bought the rift book as a kid and loved the mash up of the storyline…


A picture of the game would be:
1. You create a laboratory where your in your tanks you start creating your minions.. as you level up you could for example take the corpse and replace his rib cage with a titanium shell. Add a chain gun to his right arm and a sheild to his left. For his brain you could upgrade to a mind that could detect enemies farther and cast spells.

2. Then in another tank you start a corpse that is full magic. Able to heal and shield your minions close to him.

3. In another tank you start a corpse that after a certain amount of time will explode and summon a demon into the realm to do your bidding. Think bad-ass melee

4. As your characters are built you dig out your dungeon giving homes to your minions, food for them to eat, training areas to train your minnions in level. Research areas to increase your abilities, traps, minnion types, store cash, and spells etc.

5. In the mean time the enemy is digging in your direction to attack your positions and steal your wealth. If they destroy your mainframe then you the AI (Super intelligent computer with self awareness) then game over…

6. AT ANY TIME YOU CAN POSSES A CREATURE AND GO INTO FPS using there skills and fighting down the tunnels…

That is what is floating around in the head right now..

Free version = bad idea again

Note to devs… Now twice I regret making a free version….

It gives those that would never like your game a chance to speak negatively everywhere. It hurts your sales. It hurts your ratings. It hurts your mindset. Just a bad idea over all.

My example I have 120 weapons and skills with decent graphics( I had to support the atari of devices ). Yet I am compared to games with really shiny graphics with 5 weapons no armor sets, no diversity, no originality etc…. Tough when you put your life in something. Without the free version you get people that know they like the genre. They know what they are getting. Thus their input is much more valuable…. I am thinking very heavily of pulling the free version. This is a labor of love not a monetary venture ( as if you can make a living in this market ).

If you have friends that might like a free trail you might ask them
To try soon as I and the M.E. Community do not
Deserve the free version riff raff 😉

What do y’all think?

Not to mention a rough day my son broke his arm on a trampoline… 5 hours in the Er later and 1500 dollars later we have a plaster cast and some pictures of the fracture ;(

Baseball season over poor guy ;(