Tons of weapons effects


For example here are the first variations of the very first blade. Glows particles etc… The more special the item the cooler it will look =).. And the system is SOOO easy to use. I just change colors add shaders and drop them into a list that can be added to that type item. The particle script then attaches itself in the right spot and uses model data to emit the particles….. LOVE IT!


More later when I get them all in…

A little redesign

A little redesign to save me a ton of time. I am making the words that describe the items independent of the models and effects. There are a lot of smaller design items to many to discuss. However, the new design will have a list of words that then pick the type of item and the model after that. Thus I do not have to create a gigantic database of items. The computer will design the weapons for me with some nifty coding. Anywho… this might take a day but save weeks. More later!

1340 Melee Weapons in now.

Here is the first run of melee weapons. I have not tweaked or anything. There is a LOT of tweaking to do. I also need to add a ton of FX to them. However that went REALLY quick. Step 1 asset store with cash in hand. Step two rip them apart. Step 3 retexture to match my systems. Step 4 Import and toss in the database!.. Step 5 WIN!



A few examples:











So far 563 different weapons..

Check them out here =)… The descriptions need to be completed and stats. On to swords to boost it closer to 1000. Later on I plan on adding even crazier looking weapons but after swords and shields I am going to have to move to armors and enemies. Good stuff! I love adding content. I added 300 weapons in 3 days =).. not to bad. That included lots of code to auto generate things SOOO in the future I will not have to do that..

Check them out here:

Here are a few:



Adding a really cool script

This bit of code will  generate a history to an item and a storied description based on its stats and some other data in the item. It is pretty cool I think.. I have to do whatever I can to imitate a full development crew so I am creating a story and lore employee in code =P… Anyway I will also be going through the weapons I posted at that link yesterday and fixing all those puppies.


More later!

It is not pretty YET…


But I had to print out all the possible combinations to look at the art/story etc to make sure they are right =).. So here is my first debug print of all the current projectile weapons in the game… and yes there are LOTS of little things to fix.. and story to fill in.. but that is the easy part. It took longer to write the item exporter then those will be to fix..


You will see a lot of disjointed items etc… story to fill but I wanted to show how the system can make 600 weapons off just a little work and they really do look original..

And looking throught them my exporter had a one off so a lot are missing… Got lots of hook up joints to fix looks like about 8